LA Jim’s mice and influencers went to Tulum for a pandemic training

How far do you go to participate in good training? If you’re one of Los Angeles’ top fitness trainers or social media influencers, the answer could be around 2,800 miles.

Located along the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is Tulum’s small beach town. Once a quiet and secluded destination, Tulum has recently passed through something like a tourist roller coaster.

First of all, Tulum was a “place” around 2017. At that time, the community of yogis and mystics trying to find Zen was replaced by Tulum’s gorgeous water of crystallization, a plethora of Instagrammers that snapped images to people around the world to see seemingly endless cenotes. Adorable shops and perfectly plated acai bowls are served in bargain coconut shells.

“The Flintstones of the Primitive Family”-The appearance of the Tulum Jungle Gym.

(Tulum Jungle Gym)

The social crowd took so many images that the town seemed to jump sharks as soon as it became a cool element. But like the phoenix rising from the ashes of social media, Tulum is once again an absolute jam in the era of COVID-19.It’s mainly thanks Tulum Jungle Gym..

“My friend sent me an Instagram account for the Tulum Jungle Gym, so I told my boyfriend.” That’s it. Melody Yadegar, who turned from a LA lawyer to an accountable coach, Tulum to meet Jim in person at the end of last year. “In the end, I extended my stay in Tulum for 10 days and went to the gym twice.”

The Tulum Jungle Gym opened in 2017, but it’s a bit misleading to “open the door” because the gym is completely outdoors and directly located on the very beloved sugar sand beach of the town. It has been. Jim makes a pretty attractive bikini workout, and it’s this outdoor environment that has attracted some of LA’s fitness elite.

With the first shutdown in March last year Jim had to close Famous for their indoor operation and closure Muscle beach In Venice, he raised a “closed” sign and left a training enthusiast in the cold. However, a glimpse of what the gymnasium mice could do with Tulum flew south to taste the gymnasium’s normality.

Beyond the natural environment, the facilities of the Tulum Jungle Gym are also made from Mother Nature’s finest products. From dumbbells to bench presses, jungle gyms and battle ropes, almost all equipment is made from locally sourced wood, bamboo or stone. Jim is called the “The Flintstones of the Primitive Family” dream and has come true many times.

Dumbbells on the shelves

Facilities of Tulum Jungle Gym.

(Tulum Jungle Gym)

“We lived on the beach under Palapa and it was this really beautiful environment. I wanted to know if a good carpenter could make the equipment,” said a former member of the Royal Marines reserve. One Alastair Carter said. Jim with his fitness and life partner Katie Davies during a recent video conference chat.

“And to see if it works with wood,” Davis added.

And the work it did. Shortly after the store opened, tourists began to flock to the space for training and photography. The couple soon noticed that their inbox was flooded with emails from Instagrammers requesting giveaways in exchange for posts. However, Carter and Davies have always maintained a “no” for this arrangement, charging everyone the same $ 30 for a single session pass.

“Obviously, business needs them,” says Davis. “Jim took off like this because everyone was posting on Instagram and his followers saw Jim. And they wanted to come.”

“But I think it’s more valuable. When they recommended it, they didn’t do it as a collaboration,” Carter added. “They don’t get anything from it. The fact that we don’t give them for free means that whatever they post is a genuine recommendation and it’s worth 10 times more. I will. “

Personal Trainer Matt Duspin

Personal trainer Matt Duspin works at the Tulum Jungle Gym.

(Matt Duspin)

In particular, we’ve added a lot of free marketing for Tulum Jungle Gym from reviews posted by people, including Matt Daspin, a Hollywood star personal trainer with 2,400 Instagram followers. “I found it in a variety of fitness, influencers, and it looked so cool,” said Duspin. “Frankly, that’s why we decided to go to Tulum.”

Daspin said his clients and followers were crazy about Jim’s post during his New Year’s Eve trip, especially his wife trying a basket lift at the gym. This is the place where Tarzan and Jane meet most of all the equipment, where one partner can jump into a basket made of bamboo and the other partner can try to lift them off the ground.

Sunset yoga

Watch a sunset yoga session at the Tulum Jungle Gym.

(Tulum Jungle Gym)

“The reason to go is definitely an Instagram factor. I think everyone knows it while you’re there,” said Duspin, how warm the community of other training fanatics is at the gym when they arrive. I was very happy and surprised. “Everyone there was very excited to be there.”

It’s the feeling of Divinity Gaines, a former NBA dancer and founder of. Divinity with movementShe said she had a direct experience when she went to the gym at the end of last year.

Acquisition of divinity

Fitness trainer Divinity Gaines was held at the Tulum Jungle Gym at the end of last year.

(Improvement of divinity)

“I was able to use all the gym equipment I was missing,” she said. “I felt completely comfortable in the space. I felt really empowered. I felt very strong.”

Another thing that the visitors who spoke to the Times agreed was a sense of security. Upon entering the Tulum Jungle Gym, there was a temperature check and a hand sanitizer station. The equipment was spaced long before the pandemic, which made it easier to get closer to society, especially since the gym only reached 70% of its maximum capacity.

According to Carter, no mask is needed at an outdoor fitness facility in Mexico.

Tulum Jungle Gym Equipment

The facilities at the Tulum Jungle Gym are made of locally sourced wood, bamboo or stone.

(Tulum Jungle Gym)

Due to Tulum Jim’s success on social media, other fitness centers and gyms have tried to duplicate it. Some even went to the point of asking a Carter carpenter to make the same equipment. People with more business wrinkles tried to reach out to the brand and franchise.

For now, Carter and Davis say they have set out to keep their business true to Tulum’s original. Their only expansion plan includes a second Tulum Jungle Gym, which will open later this year, in the heart of town, so that locals can also experience the fun of fitness.

“It’s our baby,” Carter said. “I don’t want to give up what it is. Our main focus is to support the community. Members of the Mexican Army, police and fire brigade are free.”

Carter simply keeps his answer as to why it was such a success.

“I just do what I want to do and what I think is cool,” he said.


Tulum jungle gym.

Take a look inside the Tulum Jungle Gym.

(Tulum Jungle Gym)

Tulum has overcome over-tourism.It got over the big wave Black sargassum seaweed It stinked high heaven.And now it’s not just thriving in a pandemic thanks to places including the Tulum Jungle Gym, and the fact that Mexico is one of the few places where Americans are. Welcome now..

Whether people should It’s a different story now that they are flocking to Tulum and other parts of Mexico. Here are some things to consider before planning your trip:

  • January 6th California Public Health Service COVID-19 Travel Guidelines have been updated. Residents are strongly advised to avoid any further non-essential trips to any part of California. 120 miles From your place of residence or to another state or country. ”
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns you to travel to Mexico.Should be avoided.. However, if you are traveling, it is advisable to have a COVID test 1-3 days before your trip, provide negative evidence before boarding the plane, and wear a mask while traveling.
  • To return to the United States, you need to do the following: Show evidence of a negative test Or “a letter from your healthcare provider or public health authority indicating that you are allowed to travel.” The test must be taken within three days of planning to return to the United States.
  • When traveling, the CDC recommends that you be tested 3-5 days after your trip and stay at home for at least 7 days. If you can’t take the test, it says, “It’s safest to stay at home for 10 days.” According to the Los Angeles County Public Health Service, all travelers arriving in LA County from outside Southern California must be quarantined in their home or hotel room for 10 days.

LA Jim’s mice and influencers went to Tulum for a pandemic training

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