LA Affairs: I was single for 32 years.Then he entered

It was just before Thanksgiving 2019 and I was traveling to Denver from my home in Grand Junction, Colorado to see my vacation relatives. Over the years, I have traveled to California Zephyr many times. California Zephyr is said to be the most beautiful train vehicle in the United States. You can wind around the Colorado Rocky and enjoy views that are rarely seen when driving. I decided to have a coffee and spend the morning sitting in the observation car and enjoying the spectacular scenery.

After calming down, I noticed a tall handsome guy in a classic driving cap sitting not far from me. At that moment, I found a spectacular place. It is a wild horse racing next to the train. To my surprise, I pointed out and said, “Look!” (If you haven’t taken the train before, this is what you do in the observation car.)

To our surprise, the man in the driver’s cap said he found a bear in the pristine wilderness while sitting in this observation car on a previous trip. And that’s how we talked and started talking. He was intrigued and the conversation was fun and easy, so he wanted to continue. When it was time for lunch, I couldn’t help myself. I asked him if he would join me in the dining car.

No, he would have said. “I think I just eat the trail mix.”

I admit that I felt hurt when I got off the observation car and headed for lunch. However, when it is off, it seems to be a real hit. Maybe he wasn’t hungry?

He was still sitting there when I passed through the observation car. But the new passenger-the young man-was in the seat I had previously occupied.

I decided to be bold and featureless. I decided to give him another chance. As I passed by, I tapped his shoulder and said, “You didn’t save my seat!” The young man bolted straight and provided me with a seat back.

I took it.

It took about 8 hours to cross the Rocky Mountains by train and we talked all the time. Paul and I have found that we have a lot in common. Both of our backgrounds were science — nursing for me and engineering for him. We both loved salmon, salads and altoids. Our political and religious views were also complementary. It was just a miracle there. And he, like me, went to Denver to be with his relatives during Thanksgiving holidays. A kind and smart man I met.

Still, when I was exchanging contacts, I couldn’t help but wonder if he would contact me again. Soon we were shuttled to Denver and Thanksgiving was in the air.

That Friday, Paul sent me a text message. “I really enjoyed our conversation,” he said, “I hope you enjoyed the fun Thanksgiving!” He said he would ride Zephyr back to California the next morning. rice field.

My heart jumped up. If I was lucky, I sent back a text message saying “I’m on the same train”. “let’s meet…”

Therefore, it leads to the second 8 hour date. I think we wanted to spend more time together when the swaying and rolling of the train led to a playful shoulder ridge that made us feel the electricity. We both got off the train at Grand Junction as he was moving to the sleeping car for the rest of the trip. Not enough time — the conductor told him he needed to hurry back and moved to him to get back to the ship.

We looked at each other and didn’t know what to do next. We both moved for a hug. It turned into a kiss that surprised both of us — and was discovered by my shocked daughter who came to pick me up.

“What?” She said as soon as I listened.

During his return trip to California, Paul and I sent seemingly non-stop text messages. (By this time, he confessed that he had groped for an invitation to lunch on the first day, but he said the dining car lunch line was too long for him to catch up with me. I was afraid he might have “blown it away.”)

When they both got home, they realized that they needed to see if “we” really worked away from the magic of the train. I decided to be bold again. I either come to his place for New Year’s Eve or suggest that he come to me. He countered with a better offer. To celebrate the New Year in 2020, we have decided on a snow-covered Colorado Christmas and Santa Barbara.

Since then, we’ve been together, going back and forth between Colorado and California. He loves western Colorado trails because mountain biking is his passion. However, placing a Southern California man in Colorado was a challenge. It’s snowing. But that doesn’t matter. I love the ocean, beautiful beaches and relaxing lifestyles that Santa Barbara offers. Drive daily along the Cabrilob Boulevard to check out the ocean, play with dolphins, enjoy surfers and, of course, gorgeous views.

Walking our little dog Foxy on Hendery’s Beach and Douglas Family Reserve was very encouraging to me and it gave me a new perspective on life.

You see, I’m 81 and he’s 74. Our adult children and 13 grandchildren (6 for me, 7 for him) are thrilled with us.When I met Paul, he became a widow and I was single (divorced) 32 years.. I wasn’t looking for love. I felt that my life was fulfilling and that I was living a happy life.

It was very unexpected that I would fall in love at this time of my life.

But it has been So Great to learn to love again.

> The author is a retired registered nurse.

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LA Affairs: I was single for 32 years.Then he entered

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