Kristen Stewart points out a loophole in the idea that only gay actors should play gay characters

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The stars of the “Happiest Season” are aware that such rules will no longer allow her to play a straight character, so her stance on the issue is undecided.

Kristen Stewart We have focused on a long debate about whether straight performers should avoid the gay role. In an interview with Variety, the actress revealed her stance on this issue to discuss her next film.The happiest season“She depicts a young lesbian celebrating a holiday at her girlfriend’s parents’ home.

When asked if a gay character agrees that only gay actors should play, she replied, “I’m always thinking about this.” Stewart, who has played a role in indie and mainstream films, admitted, “I’ve lived with this creative affluence because I have so much access to work.”

Stewart became famous for drawing Bella Swan in “Bella Swan”.Twilight A movie series before she began dating a woman publicly and confirmed that she was bisexual in 2017. “As you know, a young Caucasian girl who is straight, later really gay and lean-do you know what I’m saying? I admit I’m just starting out.” ..

She agrees, “I definitely don’t want to tell the story that the person who experienced it really should tell,” but the “panic room” star pointed out that there is a “gray area” in the concept. “This is a slippery hill conversation, because it means you can’t play any other straight character if you’re going to bind everyone to the wording of this particular law,” she explained. ..

“There is a way for men to talk about women, or for women to talk about men,” she insisted before adding the condition, “but we need to put our fingers on the pulse, You really need to be careful. It’s an allowed place. ”

The BAFTA award-winning actress emphasized the importance of approval from the community represented by a particular character, “that is, if you are talking about the community and they are not welcoming you, f ** k But if so, you become an ally, part of it, and there is something that has driven you in the first place, which gives you a unique perspective that may be worth it. ”

“Learning about each other is nothing wrong, so it helps tell each other a story,” she emphasized, before concluding her opinion on this issue, “so I’m sure about it. I don’t have a good answer. ”

Quote her “happiest season” co-star Mackenzie Davis As an example, Stewart said how having a straight actor in a gay role can be justified. “McKenzie isn’t the one who admits to being a lesbian. She was the only one who could play this with me,” she explained.

She pointed out that her opinion could be biased, saying, “Skillfully, you may be attracted to a particular group of people. I can defend it, but from a different perspective. I’m sure someone with will make me feel sick about it-and turn my back on everything I just said. I admit the world we live in And I definitely don’t want to trample on someone else’s opportunity to do it-I feel terrible about it. ”

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