King Charles III is the deleted Jill Biden’s 13th cousin

Much has been done from the fact that US President Joe Biden Won’t Attend King’s Coronation.

his wife instead JillThe 71-year-old will lead a delegation from the United States in a historic ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

Surprisingly, a new study found that Biden and king charles distant cousin.

New research reveals that both the monarch and Mrs. Biden are descended from the 16th-century aristocratic couple Philip III de Croy and his wife Johanna. They are 13th cousins ​​once removed.

Philip III, who died in 1595, was knighted by Philip II of Spain, husband of Queen Mary, who sent the Spanish Armada to invade England in 1588.

Research by ancestry website MyHeritage also indicates that the King is the 12th cousin of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who will be attending the coronation.

A new study has revealed that King Charles is a distant cousin of U.S. First Lady Jill Biden, who will attend his coronation Saturday. Above: Mrs. Biden (left) speaking with the late Queen at her G7 summit in Cornwall in 2021. In the background is Prince Charles and his wife Camilla (now Queen).

Both King and Mrs. Biden are 13th generation descendants of de Croy.

The “once removed” element of those connections refers to the number of generations separating them.

First cousins ​​removed refers to your parents’ generational cousins.

De Croy, who was also a Stadtholder, or steward, of Flanders, Belgium, had daughters Anne and Marguerite with his wife.

Charles is a direct descendant of Anne, while Mrs. Biden is a descendant of Marguerite.

The royal link runs through the German dukes of Tuuln and Taxis to Duke Francis of Tech.

Francis was the father of Mary of Teck, who became Queen Mary as wife of King George V. She was King’s great-grandmother.

The monarch and Mrs. Biden, both descended from the 16th-century aristocratic couple Philip III de Croy (above) and his wife Johanna, have been removed four times as twelfth cousins.

Philip III, who died in 1595, was knighted under Philip II of Spain, husband of Queen Mary, who sent the Spanish Armada to invade England in 1588.

As expected, Mrs. Biden’s descendants are of lesser renown than the king.

Mrs. Biden’s great-grandmother, Emily Godfrey, was the daughter of Thompson van Gilder.

Both Charles and Mr. Trudeau are descendants of husband and wife Roger and Joan Boyle who lived in the 16th century.

The King is a descendant of his son, Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork, and Mr Trudeau is a descendant of his daughter, Lady Mary Smith.

The 1st Earl of Cork was Treasurer of the Kingdom of Ireland when it was a client state of England.

The 4th Earl of Cork, also known as Richard, was the great-great-grandfather of the king’s great-grandmother, Cecilia Bowes Lyon.

Her daughter was the Queen Mother, Charles’s grandmother.

Trudeau’s legacy includes eight generations of the Bernard family. Thomas Patrick Bernard was his maternal great-grandfather.

Roi Mandell, Director of Research at MyHeritage, said:

“The connections discovered between Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States, and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, and the King, perhaps unknown to them, show the beauty of genealogy research. It perfectly illustrates the broader view of family ties that transcend borders and borders.

The King is the 12th cousin to be sacked by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.Above: King Charles III shakes hands with Trudeau last September, a week after his mother the Queen’s death.

“After all, this is exactly what we mean when we say we are all connected to each other.”

For this reason and to commemorate the coronation, we released 1.1 billion records for free to help people find connections. Roi Mandel, Research Director, MyHeritage

Last month, it was revealed that President Biden would not be attending the King’s coronation, with the first lady attending on his behalf.

“The President congratulated the King on his coronation and said he looked forward to having First Lady Jill Biden attend on behalf of the United States,” the White House said in a statement.

“The president also expressed his desire to meet with the King in England in the future.”

A family tree showing the relationship between King Charles and Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau will enjoy a video call with the King before attending his coronation on Saturday.

A statement released yesterday confirmed his attendance at Westminster Abbey. Some high-ranking officials will participate.

On Friday, Charles will join the working royals at a special luncheon for the kingdom’s prime ministers and governors at Buckingham Palace.

The Crown Prince will also attend the Commonwealth Summit and Garden Reception at Marlborough House in London on the same day.

Then, on the eve of the coronation, the king and royal family hold a glittering reception at the palace for foreign royalty and other foreign dignitaries. King Charles III is the deleted Jill Biden’s 13th cousin

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