Kevin Bacon confesses that Kyra Sedgwick hated the choice of engagement ring so much that he cried

WENN / Lu Chau

The actor of “Cityona Hill”, who has been married to the actress of “Call Your Mother” for 32 years, recalls the moment when she thought she was about to break up with him.

Kevin bacon Fearing his fiancée at the time, Kyra SedgwickOne night, when I woke up sobbing at the engagement ring he chose, I was about to break up with him.

The movie star asked a question on Christmas Eve, and he was excited when his girlfriend agreed to marry him-but he doesn’t like the ring she chose to hide in stockings. I didn’t know there wasn’t.

“I didn’t tell my friends or family … I had to go out and find this ring alone, and I have to say I’m not really a jewelery guy,” the actor says. Kelly Clarkson At her US daytime talk show. “I don’t understand it. I’m not good at choosing something like that. I found this ring and thought it was banging.”

“About three months later we lie in bed, wake up in the middle of the night and cry … she can’t even tell what’s going on.?’She broke up with me. I thought it might be, but at last she said, “I don’t like rings!” I talked to her from the shelf, “It’s okay, we’re back. I don’t care.” “”

However, the engagement went well and the couple have been married for 32 years.

When asked about the secrets of their long-lasting marriage, Kira previously told the post, “Honestly, we were just lucky, no secrets, we were very lucky when we were very young. “. “I was 21 when I met him and 23 when I got married,” she added.

“If someone tells me to get married when I’m 21 and have children by the age of 23, I’m so ambitious and so independent that they say they’re crazy. And suddenly I met this person, and it seemed like it was, “she continued. “We are really lucky and not difficult.”

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