Kesha is not impressed with Caitlyn Jenner’s clinzy cover on “Masked Singer” “Tik Tok”


The 34-year-old star has to hide his face in his shirt when he sees Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s father singing a hit on a competition show.

AceShowbiz -Formerly known as Kesha KeshaReacted to Caitlyn JennerClinsy cover of her songMasked singer“When looking at my father. Kylie Jenner And Kendall Jenner A Grammy nominee played “Tik Tok” at a competition show, revealing that she wasn’t impressed with it.

Using TikTok on Tuesday, April 6, the 34-year-old star released his video of hiding his face in his shirt while watching Caitlin’s performance. Along with the clip, she wrote, “Live for the cover, live for this outfit … but that means I have to go.” She then wrote in the caption, ” [P. Diddy]… Oh? ”

Kesha’s reaction took place about three weeks after Caitlin played the hit song as Phoenix.Ex-husband Kris Jenner Earlier, she revealed to Us Weekly that she “worked for two months on these three songs” before being eliminated in the March 17th episode of the show.

“I did’Tik Tok’, but I was going to do it. The temptations The song, “I know you want to leave me”, and I had John denver song. It was hard to beat them, “she admitted at the time. [and do] All of [songs] In the final, I would have had to learn eight songs. It took me a long time to drop a few songs. ”

Caitlin also revealed that she asked her son Brandon Jenner Train her in preparation for a “masked singer”. She said, “He has a studio in his house, so I went downtown to a studio where I could record and wrote a song with him. It was really great … Brandon was really crazy about it. It was fun to write a song with him. ”

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