Kerke’s statistical onslaught continues, Chiefs continue to win

Kansas City, Missouri — It’s good that Chiefs Tight End Travis Kerke doesn’t spend too much time on flashy personal stats. Seeing himself will leave Kerke a little time for something else.

On Sunday night, Kansas City defeated Denver Broncos 22-16, scoring 136 yards in the game’s best eight catches, and two all-pros surpassing 1,000 yards for five consecutive seasons. He became the 26th player in NFL history, achieving his long streak and only tight end. Eight of those players are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

That’s just the beginning. He has a 1,100 yard receive and is the most tight end of the 12 games. He had the 24th career 100-yard receive game, the second most in franchise history. He currently has 82 catches and is the only tight end to join Tony Gonzalez and Jason Witten to stop 80 catches at least five times during the season.

“I think it’s cool to wear a hat at the end of your career. I’m just aiming to win a football game,” said Kerke, a teammate with 45 touchdown catches. Tyreek Hill and Chiefs have the fifth highest grade in history.

“It’s all this game-I wouldn’t be the same unless the other 10 guys on the football field played the tail and moved the ball down the field,” Kerke said. “I firmly believe that individual praise is a bit overrated in this game.”

Maybe they are sometimes. But all these big achievements are also a big reason why the Chiefs are 11-1 for the second time in franchise history, and the playoff spots are locked by focusing on the fifth consecutive AFC West Championship.

“He doesn’t really care how you win a football game. He just wants to win,” said chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “He’s going to compete for every play. He’s going to block, he’s going to catch, he’s going to do every play. There’s a talented person and he doesn’t care who succeeds Sometimes there are people who can go out and win together. ”

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Mahomes also knows about flashy numbers. He beat a tie with Trent Green for a franchise record in his 25th game at least 300 yards and threw a score against 318 yards and Broncos. This is the 8th time this season alone.

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Prior to the second half touchdown pass to Kerke, the Chiefs were 0 with a four-scoring touchdown in the Red Zone, and their streak of seven consecutive trips to Tampa Bay without touchdowns dating back to the previous week was this season. It was the longest in the league. It was due to penalties, lack of execution, and inability to run between tackles.

“I didn’t do a very good job in the Red Zone, so I gave them the opportunity to join the guys,” said Chiefs Coach Andy Reid. “I’ll go back and work on that part and make sure I put these guys in a position to play.”


Sammy Watkins is still speeding up after a long hamstring injury, but Demarcus Robinson has successfully filled it with a pass game. He caught both targets 39 yards against Denver, and his crisp route running and solid hands are a major reason he replaced Mekor Hardman in the hierarchy.

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KC’s Rand Defense has given up a rush of 131 yards to Melvin Gordon and 179 yards to Broncos, giving him control over most of the tempo of the game. It was the eighth time in 12 games that the team ran at least 100 yards in the Chiefs.

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Defensive back Antonio Hamilton and linebacker Anthony Hitchens were upset, but both finished the match.

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11 — The Chiefs not only improved to 11-1, but also defeated Broncos 11 times in a row. The streak, dating back to the 2015 season, coincides with the longest match against Denver, set between 1964 and 1969.

Next step

The Chiefs will return to the road on Sunday for a tough match between Dolphins (8-4) and Saints (10-2), ending the season with a stumbling home game between the Falcons and the Chargers.

Kerke's statistical onslaught continues, Chiefs continue to win

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