Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit fails drug test and urges trainer suspension

Churchill Downs paused trainer Bob Buffert from entering the horse on the track, which Kentucky Derby Victory If the results of a failed post-race drug test are upheld, then of his horse, Medina Spirit.

Churchill Downs’ announcement comes after Baffert announces a failed drug test that vowed to fight “teeth and claws.”

Truck said in a statement on Sunday that non-compliance with rules and dosing protocols would jeopardize horse and jockey safety, sporting integrity and the derby’s reputation.

“Churchill Downs will not tolerate it,” the statement said. “Given the seriousness of the alleged crime, Churchill Downs will soon stop Medina Spirit trainer Bob Buffert from entering the horses at Churchill Downs Racecourse.”

“For clarity, if the findings are upheld, the results of the Medina Spirit in Kentucky Derby will be invalidated and Mandalone will be declared the winner,” the statement added.

The only horse that disqualified from dosing after winning the derby is the 1968 Dancer’s Image.

Baffert, who was adjacent to lawyer Craig Robertson at a morning press conference in Churchill Downs on Sunday, said in a post-race sample that Medina Spirit was twice the statutory standard for 21 picograms of steroid betamethasone in a Kentucky race. He said he found out that he had. This is the latest doping scandal in horse racing and is arguably the best trainer in the sport.

“I got the biggest guts punch in the race because I didn’t,” he said.

Horse Racing: May 1st Kentucky Derby
John Velazquez’s Medina Spirit (8) led the inside through the final turn and won the Kentucky Derby’s 147th run on May 1, 2021 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. ..

Brian Spurlock / Icon Sport Wire via Getty Images

Mr Baffert said his camp received positive test words from Kentucky state officials on Saturday. Baffert said Medina Spirit was not officially disqualified from the derby, but could be disqualified even after other tests and processes have been completed.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Baffert said. “There’s something wrong. It didn’t come from us.”

Betamethasone is the same drug found in Gamin’s system, another Baffert-trained horse that finished third in the Kentucky Oaks last September. Medina Spirit is Baffert’s fifth horse to fail a drug test in a year.

Baffert denied cheating and said he did not know how the Medina Spirit was positive. He said Medina Spirit had never been treated with betamethasone and called it “total fraud.”

“I don’t feel embarrassed, I feel wrong,” Baffert said, adding that he intended to make the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission transparent.

“We show them everything. One thing about it in California is that everything a horse gets is recorded every day. This horse was never treated with it. He is a great horse, He doesn’t deserve this. He ran a brave race. “

Medina Spirit defeated the Kentucky Derby half-length over Mandaron on May 1st, giving Baffert a record seventh victory in the race starting the triple crown season. The Medina Spirit is still expected to race on Saturday at Preakness, the second gem of the Triple Crown.

Colt will sprint at Churchill Downs on Sunday, leave the track on a stable concert tour and head for Baltimore on Monday.

Baffert plans to saddle a concert tour with Medina Spirits at Preakness, aiming for a record eighth victory with the second jewel of the Triple Crown. With the exception of 2020, when the race broke down due to a coronavirus pandemic, Baffert is undefeated with the derby winner at Preakness holding a post-position draw on Monday.

Kentucky Derby's 147th run
Trainer Bob Buffert won the 147th Kentucky Derby run at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, USA on Saturday, May 1, 2021 at a press conference after Medina Spirit won.


He heads north under another cloud of scrutiny.

Last month, Baffert won the appeal in front of the Arkansas Horse Racing Commission. The Arkansas Horse Racing Commission has suspended him for 15 days for a positive drug test on two horses, including two that won at Oaklawn Park on May 2, 2020. , Painkiller that Baffert said was inadvertently exposed.

On Sunday, Baffert categorically claimed that Medina Spirit was not given betamethasone. He planned to submit hair, blood, and DNA samples as part of the process, emphasizing that his manipulations were done carefully in following the protocol.

However, Baffert argued that horse racing could be better at preventing doping, so he also acknowledged the spotlight he received from the latest episode.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” he said. “I know no one is trying to catch me, but definitely something is wrong. Why is that happening? I know there is a problem with the race, but Bob Baffert is not it”

The New York Times said in November 2020 that Baffert’s training horse had failed at least 29 drug tests during his 40-year career.

“I’m worried about our sport,” Baffert said. “Our sport has recorded a lot of hits as a sport. These are pretty serious criticisms here, but we’re going to find out what’s at the root of it. We know we didn’t do that. I will. “

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit fails drug test and urges trainer suspension

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