Keller City has announced a 4-day work week for workers

The city says the trial, which will begin on May 28, aims to improve workers’ work-life balance.

KELLER, Texas – No work on Fridays? Register us!

One North Texas city is trying to make that a reality.

The city of Keller has announced a four-day probationary period for employees working in certain departments, including Keller Town Hall, municipal services, and the Keller Police Department’s records department.

The city says the hours will change from May 28, when the trial begins.

In a statement, Keller officials said some of the city’s employees are now on a four-day work schedule in areas such as public safety, IT and public facilities.

The trial period is set for four months. The city says it will look at employee retention and productivity during this time, as well as ask employees if they think a four-day work week can be a long-term success.

The city says the goal of the initiative is to improve the work-life balance for employees, citing additional fuel and utility savings as a bonus for employees.

“We are competing for workers like everyone else against both the public and private sectors, and as an organization we must continue to adapt to the needs of the modern workforce,” City Manager Mark Hafner tweeted on Tuesday.

Hafner said he hopes the four-day work week will increase “efficiency in areas such as public works and park maintenance.”

Keller City Council will hold a meeting on October 2, 2022 to comment and determine whether to continue with the new work schedule.

Keller City has announced a 4-day work week for workers

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