Kate Beckinsale rushes to a Las Vegas hospital with a back number: Report

Tony Raines on MTV’s “The Challenge” talks about the fear of a Louisiana home collapsed during hurricane Ida and her determination to seek the help of her fiancé after she became unconscious.

Tony Rayns / Instagram

On September 9, reality TV stars shared a series of images showing that their home was completely destroyed. He also posted a photo of his fiancé, Alyssa Jacon, who was injured and hospitalized.

“Hurricane Aida may have destroyed my house, but I still have a family,” he captioned the image. “On a stormy night, a tree fell from our living room. Alyssa and her 4-year-old daughter, Isla, were sitting on the sofa next to each other, and I was standing in the middle of the room. The roof collapsed. When … I fell to the floor and immediately thought of the worst. “

Tony immediately ran towards his family. The family was buried in debris.

“I heard my daughter crying and cleared her from the debris. I took her to the bathroom in the middle of the hallway and returned to Alyssa,” he wrote. “At first she didn’t react and my heart sank, but I could hear her breathing. After moving the debris from her for a moment to pull her out, she regained consciousness.”

According to Tony, Alyssa was hit in the head when the ceiling collapsed and her hands were “seriously injured.”

“Thankfully I was able to reach the bathroom in the hall with my unharmed daughter and tried to call 911 to help Alyssa’s injury, but it was too late. Due to the storm, the paramedics We couldn’t contact us. We waited five hours before going to the hospital ourselves. ” “We drove all the routes we could, but there was no way through fallen trees and power lines.”

Eventually they met a man with a chainsaw and began logging for them, but the process was slow.

“Almost four hours later, we were finally able to pave the way for the hospital,” Tony said. “Alyssa made a seam on her forehead and the doctor scheduled surgery with her hands. Hopefully she will fully recover in three months.”

Despite the injury and destruction, Tony considers himself lucky.

“If that tree or part of the roof steps in the other direction, this could be another story,” he said. “I am grateful to be able to hug my family. As this experience was, we are all blessed to be still here!”

Kate Beckinsale rushes to a Las Vegas hospital with a back number: Report

Source link Kate Beckinsale rushes to a Las Vegas hospital with a back number: Report

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