Kansas Angler Lands 4-Foot Alligator Gar

This is a really big fish story. A Kansas fisherman threw a line into the water and caught a prehistoric predatory fish that dates back nearly 100 million years.

Danny “Butch” Smith II in Oswego, Kansas, landed a 4’6 inch alligator gar weighing 39.5 pounds and knew he had caught something strange. His fishing buddies identified the fish and “they can’t be here (Kansas),” Smith said.

Kansas Wildlife Parks officials are verifying their identities and investigating how so-called “living fossils” invaded the Neoshaw River, east of Parsons and southeast of Kansas.

Kansas is home to three types of garfish, the most common of which are longnose gars, which can be up to 5 feet long, including short nose gars and spotted gars. According to NationalGeographic.com, the alligator gar has a nose similar to an American alligator, sharp teeth like a razor, can exceed 10 feet in length, and can weigh up to 350 pounds.

Kansas Angler Lands 4-Foot Alligator Gar

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