Justin Theroux recalls suffering from amnesia after being attacked by Van


The “leftover” actor had a hard time remembering his name and was mistakenly told that brain surgery was needed after a serious accident in New York City.

Justin Theroux He had temporary amnesia and was warned that brain surgery was needed after a skateboarding accident.

The 49-year-old actor confirmed that he had hit a van while in New York City and said he couldn’t remember his name when he finally woke up after being knocked out “for a long time.”

He”Ellen’s Room Show“,” There were people around me. I think it’s been clearly pitch black for a long time. There was a crying woman on me (and) there were two men holding my arms so that I wouldn’t touch my head. ”

“The woman was yelling at me.’Who are you? What’s your name? What’s your phone number?’ I’m trying to get in touch with someone,” he said.

“It was as if someone asked me,’What is an umbrella?’ I forgot the name of the umbrella, but it was myself. I didn’t know who I was. That is, myself. I knew I was, but I couldn’t remember my name or phone number. ”

“”leftovers“The actor had to wait an hour or more for the ambulance to arrive and the doctor told me he would arrive sooner, but they thought he was dead.

He continued. “It’s like the hilarious part of New York. It took about an hour and 20 minutes for the ambulance to get there. I was lying on the sidewalk. People are now bleeding to this guy. I’m a little bored. His head. ”

“Finally EMT has appeared on me … he returns to his partner I think he was still back on the track, and he goes,” he’s not dead. ” “”

“They told me it was faster (if they knew you were still alive).”

And things got “worse” when he was admitted to the hospital overnight for observation as Justin woke up from sleep when he was told he needed brain surgery and needed to prepare for surgery.

He said, “It got worse. I had a concussion. Then I had to go to the hospital that night and keep me all night for observation. They gave me all these brain scans and things. I got sick …. A man woke me up on the way. At night he said, “We have to take a doctor here from Jersey, I think we noticed something in your CAT scan. I will. ” “”

“It’s like 2 o’clock in the morning. Then they shaved my head and prepared for brain surgery.”

“I’m going,’Oh, okay’. Then they let you sign all this paperwork, and I said,” I have to call someone! No one calls! ” I think like this. So I sign my life on these documents, and the doctor finally gets there from Jersey, and he puts a kind of crumpled hair, and he looks at a CAT scan, and he Is as follows. It is not the blood of the brain. Please go back to bed. “” “”

“I waited about 30 minutes just to go to brain surgery, but it was nothing.”

“There was a nice big bald patch in my head. The couple sewed together and left the hospital in the morning.”

Justin Theroux recalls suffering from amnesia after being attacked by Van

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