Julian Sands Missing – A cell phone ping may hold a key clue to finding the missing actor who disappeared while hiking a week ago

GPS data from missing actor Julian Sand’s cell phone may hold important clues to locating him, officials have revealed.

The Room With A View Star, Age 65, Disappeared after going hiking Climb nearby Mount Baldi LA of California 1 week ago.


Julian Sands went missing while hiking Mount Baldi on January 13Credit: Twitter
He is best known for his role in 'A Room with a View' co-starring Helena Bonham Carter.


He is best known for his role in ‘A Room with a View’ co-starring Helena Bonham Carter.credit:


Police tracked signals from Julian’s phone, suggesting he was on a dangerous road to the top of the mountain on Sunday.Credit: Getty

He embarked on a dangerous trail with the intention of completing the trek in one day – but report missing When I didn’t go home

Search and rescue operations are hampered by heavy snow and ice. Concerns about British movie stars grow.

But police The ex-Pat believes he was still on the move Sunday after getting vital information from his cell phone.

the police wanted to focus on father of threeThe location of after pinging on the phone suggested he was traveling along a trail leading to the top of a 10,000-foot peak.

The team fought through the snow on foot, traversing the area and deploying helicopters to try to find the actors.

The latest update from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department explained that officers attempted additional pings but were unsuccessful.

A spokesperson said, “We learned from a call on January 15, 2023 that Sands was heading to the Mount Baldi area.

“Additional phone ping attempts from your cellular provider failed due to lack of cellular service and most likely a power failure on your cellular phone.

“Since January 14, 2023, ping delays through Sands’ Apple iPhone operating system have provided a possible location for one of the trails leading to the summit of Mount Baldi.

“The area was checked by ground search parties and helicopters.

“Ground and air search parties were unable to find any evidence in the area to help locate Sands.

“Due to avalanche danger and trail conditions, ground crews were removed from the mountain Saturday night.

“However, weather permitting, helicopter and drone searches will continue.

“Additional ground searches are scheduled once the weather improves and it is safe for rescue teams.”

Julian’s children Henry, 37, Natalia, 26, and Imogen, 23, joined a ground search for their father yesterday.

His son was also an avid hiker and is understood to have followed the route his father took before the expedition was forced to be abandoned due to dangerous weather conditions.

sleet, snow The search was halted because of the fog, but police said there was “no definite time limit” for the suspension.

an informant told daily mail The West Yorkshire-born star “would have been well-equipped” for the perilous voyage up Mount Baldi.


The actor’s snow-covered car was recovered by authorities on WednesdayCredit: Fox11
Julian reported missing after failing to get home from day hike


Children of a father of three also participated in the search operation.Credits: Getty – Contributor

In the early 1990s, he survived a “terrible storm” over 20,000 feet while climbing the Andes with three companions.

Henry is said to be keen to participate in and “organize” the search effort while taking a “hands-on approach” to dealing with worrying situations.

it comes after Investigators found Julian’s car covered in thick snow. Towed on Wednesday.

Cassian Elwes, 63, an old friend of the experienced climber and film producer, told The Sun that he was found the same day he went missing.

He described the situation as “incredibly sad” and “daunting”, as the actor scaled “all sorts of mountains”.

Julian has starred in the hit movies ‘A Room with a View’, ‘Warlock’, Leaving Las Vegas.

he moved north Hollywood Area from the UK in 1985.

The 65-year-old has two daughters with a journalist Evgenia Sitkovitzhe married in 1990.

He also had a son, Henry, with first wife Sarah Sands, former editor of The Sunday Telegraph and Evening Standard.

Julian’s famous companions prayed for news about the “great adventurer” as the days ticked by.

“Prayer for his safe return”

All Creatures big and small actor Samuel West, 56, tweeted. A friend and an inspiration. Terrible news.”

Rufus Sewell, 55 “God, I really hope he’s okay.”

American actress and dancer Melanie Kinnaman called out “prayers for his safe return.”

“My friend Julian Sands has been missing for nearly a week from a hiking trip in the mountains of Southern California.

“There is an active search for him in the Mount Baldi area. Please send prayers for his safe return.”

Authorities have conducted 14 rescue operations in four weeks on Mount Baldi.

Police warn climbers that the weather on the mountain is “bad and very dangerous”.

Rescuers are also searching for another hiker. California Resident Bob Gregory who disappeared on Monday.

Two hikers have also died in recent weeks in the Mount Baldi area of ​​the San Gabriel Mountains.

Crystal Paula Gonzalez, mother of four, is believed to have fallen 700 feet after slipping in the Baldy Bowl.

Jarrett Choi, 43, from Los Angeles, also fell near the Ice House Saddle Ridge Line while hiking the Ice House Canyon Trail.

His body was found two days later.


Efforts to find West Yorkshire-born star hampered by heavy snowCredit: P.A.


He shares two daughters with journalist Evgenia TsitkowiczCredit: Getty

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