Jones says “look forward” as he proves he’s still fast and strong

Nashville, Tennessee. – Julio Jones turned 32 in February, missed seven games due to hamstring problems in his tenth year at the NFL, and is now on a new team at the Tennessee Titans.

Seven Pro Bowl wide receivers sent a message to those who suspect him on Thursday.

“I know what I have in the tank,” Jones said. “And the age we’re talking about is 32. Like soccer, like I’m young, you can say it’s old, but you either do it or not. This game is the same for me. I’m still fast and strong. “

Jones explained that he missed seven games in Atlanta in 2020 because it didn’t take long to heal properly and it was his decision to continue playing.

“If you have any doubts about my health, please wait for a while,” Jones said.

Jones was in the field on Thursday For team activities organized by Titans on Thursday after a very busy week. The Atlanta Falcons traded Jones to Tennessee on Sunday, winning the second round draft topic in 2022 and the fourth round selection in 2023.


The receiver flew to Nashville, took the physical one, and closed the deal. Tennessee also had to remake quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s deal to make room for Jones’ $ 15.3 million deal. Jones returned to Atlanta, picked up some things, and returned to Nashville on Wednesday night.

He also had dinner with Tannehill as the veterans began to get to know each other.

On Thursday, Tannehill’s first throw at Passdrill went to Jones, who worked together during a special team period.

Director Mike Vrabel said everyone was “definitely excited” about the addition of Jones. The timing of the trade allowed Jones to join the Titans in time for one session in the field before next week’s mini-camp, which concludes the off-season.

“We need to get to work,” Vrabel said. “We had to put in a job, and that’s what comes down to this business. It’s not about what you did. It’s what you want to do, and what you do. And I’m sure Julio started the process. ”


Fitting in the Titans locker room shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Jones already knew Derrick Henry, who won the Heisman Trophy in Alabama. Jones also played for Nick Saban’s coach. The receiver regularly hangs out and talks with wide receiver AJ Brown.

Jones said the Titans enjoy a college-like atmosphere with fans who unconditionally support players. He had already noticed in a short time in Tennessee.

“It feels just like when I was in college, you know, at the University of Alabama,” Jones said. “This is amazing.”

He is also excited to play with Pro Bowl receiver Brown in the second season of 2020. Brown was campaigning on social media for Jones to join the Titans.

“It’s definitely mutual,” Jones said.

Jones has averaged 95.5 yards per game in 135 games, the highest in NFL history. Only Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss (15.6) had an average of more yards per catch than Jones (15.2) among NFL players with at least 848 receptions.


Jones set an Atlantic record with 848 catches at 12,896 yards, and his 60 touchdowns ranked second. He achieved a career-high 136 catches in 2015 at 1,871 yards. The hamstring injury was the sixth consecutive season of receiving over 1,300 yards.

Jones adds Josh Reynolds, who signed a one-year contract in March, to the third-place receiver. Reynolds said it was easy to notice Jones being on the field as a “freak athlete.” Jones was also teaching other receivers with tips on techniques.

“His idea is that it’s a winning game, and anyone there is playing it the way they want,” Reynolds said.

Jones is wearing number 2 after using number 11 in Atlanta. The wide receiver explained how he settled on the new number. Brown offered his number 11, but Jones refused when starting the “new chapter.” Tannehill was number 17, AP NFL Offense Player of the Year Henry was number 22, and Jones wanted to have fun.


“You will have to deal with us, in fact all four of us,” Jones said.


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Jones says “look forward” as he proves he’s still fast and strong

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