Jon Stewart under fire for expressing ‘super-woke’ thoughts at times with Cory Booker, Andrew Sullivan

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Former “Daily Show” actor and host Jon Stewart is facing an increase in viewership after several times of expressing “super-woke” thoughts in conversations. about the race on his Apple TV + show “The Problem with Jon Stewart.”

Critics praised two parts of Stewart’s March program, in which he accused British-American writer Andrew Sullivan of perceiving racism in condemning “anti-White extremism.” , “and another where he was corrected by Sen. Cory Booker, DN.J. , after accusing the “White rage” led to Whites being angry at the law about providing financial assistance to black farmers.

Host Jon Stewart plays his intro at the 78th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, March 5, 2006. REUTERS/Gary Hershorn
(REUTERS/Gary Hershorn)


The incident surrounding Stewart’s fight with Sullivan was shown to a group of white people who included Sullivan, La Salle University sociology professor Charles Gallagher and Lisa Bond of Race2Dinner, a far -left group to explore is promoting the “dismantling of whiteness and white supremacy” through party conversations with White women.

During the event, Sullivan said that saying that American systems and businesses are built on white supremacy “reduces real white power,” and that most of the the Americans did not support the idea of ​​the perpetuation of White supremacy.

He argued that because of that, “anti-White extremism” was the “loss of popular support.”

Bond led to the statement that he did not come to the show “to argue with any other White man,” and that “every white man who supports these systems and White houses supremacy. “

“If I could clap my fingers, I would clap my hands now,” Stewart said, agreeing with Bond. Sullivan jumped up, arguing by clapping his hands, while Stewart and Bond admitted he was a racist.

“You did yourself well there,” Stewart said, to the laughter of the crowd.

Andrew Sullivan et al "The problem with Jon Stewart," with Lisa Bond, Charles Gallagher and Jon Stewart in March 2022. (Screenshot/Apple TV+)

Andrew Sullivan was featured in “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” with Lisa Bond, Charles Gallagher and Jon Stewart in March 2022. (Screenshot/Apple TV+)
(Select/Apple TV+)

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The fight began with a fire of condemnation of Stewart, and support for Sullivan.

Indian guest and former California Republican Party Vice-Chairwoman Harmeet Dhillon appeared on Fox News ’“ The Ingraham Angle ”to address the event, accusing Stewart of engaging in“ race hucksterism “and the” demagoguing White people. “

“Americans don’t deserve to be involved in this racial violence – in the office, on film, in law enforcement, or whatever. He put it behind his face.

Fox News reporter Lisa Boothe condemned Stewart’s attempt to laugh at Sullivan’s loss.

“If Jon Stewart wants to hate himself because he’s White, he’ll go. I’m glad to have someone to hook up with. It’s not funny and there’s no reason. In a clown world,” he said. He was at Fox News digital.

Writer and historian Niall Ferguson accused Stewart of “false interviews” and a Substack post written by Sullivan about his experience in the show “confirmed” his opinion “no He is a fan ”of the left -wing musician. .

Harmeet Dhillon has accused magician Jon Stewart of infiltrating "racial oppression" in a tweet April 5, 2022. (Image/Twitter)

Indian Foreign Minister and former Vice-Chair of the California Republican Party Harmeet Dhillon accused musician Jon Stewart of committing “racial demagoguery” in a tweet April 5, 2022. (Photo/ Twitter)

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In his tweet, Ferguson included a link to Sullivan’s Substack, where the latter accused Stewart of how he was “ambushed” by the interviewer and panelists when he appeared on the report.

Sullivan wrote that he was falsely led to believe by the show’s author that he was being shown alone with Stewart and talking at the race rather than arguing in front of a live studio audience.

He then explained that Stewart used his “anti-Whiteness passion” to paint a story that all black people thought and that all Whites refused to listen to them, and that “White supremacy” is the only thing that can be explained. different nations today.

“How painful, cringingly super-woke does a prostitute have to be?” Sullivan asked.

In the last part of his show titled, “Dismantling Racism is Patriotic,” Stewart sat down with Booker for a long conversation at the race, but was corrected by the latter after he said “White is angry “the cause of the prohibition of the proposed law. provide financial assistance to black farmers.

Sen. was seen. Cory Booker, DN.J., ma "The problem with Jon Stewart" in March 2022. (Print/Apple TV+)

Sen. was seen. Cory Booker, DN.J. and “The Problem With Jon Stewart” in March 2022. (Screenshot/Apple TV+)
(Select/Apple TV+)

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“It was cut off because of White anger. White farmers felt that resources were being taken from them and given to those who didn’t work -,” Stewart said before Booker concluded. ia.

“No, no … You’re telling white farmers if I’m a white farmer listening to this in Iowa I’m thinking to myself, ‘Jon Stewart calls me – Jon Stewart is accuses me of breaking Booker’s law. ‘ That’s not right, ”Booker said.

Stewart doubted, arguing that legal problems would come from a “place of anger” because another race would have the support of the federal government if the Whites didn’t want to. .

Critics have taken to social media to attack Stewart, with some accusing him of “inflicting anti-white hatred,” and others arguing that no farmer of that with this nation to blame for the nation’s political problems.

“What happened to Jon Stewart?” published by English historian Paul Joseph Watson. “Did he know that the rage of anti-white hatred was the only way to return to the spotlight?”

Writer Ryan James Girdusky has criticized musician Jon Stewart for saying "White hatred" That’s the fault of a piece of legislation backed by Sen. Cory Booker, DN.J., was banned by the court in a tweet April 4, 2022. (Photo/Twitter)

Writer Ryan James Girdusky has blamed activist Jon Stewart for saying “White anger” was the culprit for a piece of legislation backed by Sen. Cory Booker, DN.J., was banned by the court in a tweet April 4, 2022. (Photo/Twitter)

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“Do you hate what someone eats? Like all the way from South Africa to the US, should we just judge white farmers for everything? The farmers “” Every race is the same group that I think is innocent for any of us. Political problems. Clean people, “the filmmaker and co -producer added. author Lauren Southern.

“I didn’t think I was going to start for Cory Booker, but here we are,” wrote writer Ryan James Girdusky, while radio host Grace Curley simply wrote, “God is good.”

Fox News’ Hanna Panreck gave the show.

Jon Stewart under fire for expressing ‘super-woke’ thoughts at times with Cory Booker, Andrew Sullivan

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