Johnson leads Texas past Kansas State 22-17

Austin, Texas (AP) — Roschon Johnson came to Texas as a quarterback and soon turned to a running back, working in both positions on Friday under difficult circumstances.

Junior Johnson ran for the best 179 yards of his career, Cameron Dicker kicked three field goals, and Texas made some important stops for defense to defeat Kansas State 22-17. Summoned.

Texas (5-7, 3-6 Big 12) finished the regular season with the longest six consecutive losses since 1956.

“We had to snap that losing streak,” said Texas coach Steve Sarkian. “It was heavy. It doesn’t downplay the way the previous game did. But it’s okay to smile.”

The team’s second-placed running back, Johnson, rushed 1,127 yards this season, but started in place of Bijan Robinson, who missed the last two games due to an elbow dislocation. Johnson carried 31 times, including 11 in 77 yards in the fourth quarter. He ran a 9-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

Sarkian sometimes used Johnson as a wildcat formation quarterback as Robinson came out and had no backup Hudson card due to an ankle injury, including quarterback Casey Thompson who could withstand a throwing thumb sprain. Deployed. He completed his only pass attempt at 2 yards.

Thompson completed 17 out of 23 passes with 170 yards and touchdowns.

“I knew that Hudson was down, so I was very likely to be in the quarterback,” Johnson said. “I knew the wildcat would be critical. If I had to throw it, run it, even if I had to kick, I just tried to win That’s my way of thinking, and I’ve done my best to spread that way of thinking throughout the team. “

In Texas, where the run’s defenses were unsuccessful this season, the star left Deuce Vaughn in 3rd place, Longhorn 17 in 1st place, and backup quarterback Will Howard in 4th place, leaving 4:03.

Kansas State University (7-5, 4-5) played without starting quarterback Skylar Thompson, who suffered an ankle injury against Baylor last week. His successor, Howard, entered the 71-yard touchdown in the second quarter, out of the reach of defenders. However, Howard completed 9 out of 13 passes at 65 yards.

Texas, ranked 112th nationwide in Rand Defense, brought 228 yards to Kansas. However, Longhorns stopped Bourne from Wildcat 30 to 3, 1, 4, 1 and left 9:14 before making two important plays against Bourne and Howard. Interior linemen Keondore Coburn and Moro Ojomo tackled, as did Brenden Schooler.

“We should be able to win the yard with the attacking players,” said Chris Klieman, director of Kansas State University. “That’s the final profit.”

After the first stop, Texas took the lead of 22-17 with 7:32 remaining, using a third field goal from Dicker’s 22 yards.

Known as a selfless team leader, Johnson was a big star.

“Everyone in that locker room respects (Johnson),” Sarkian said. “I don’t think I needed it today to make it happen, but I think it helped.”

Take away

Kansas: Born from Round Rock, a suburb of Austin, Bourne performed a good show for family and friends who came to see him. He rushed 143 yards to catch two passes at 7 yards, surpassing an average of 143.5 yards per game from the line of scrimmage. This is the fourth best in the country. Wildcats didn’t have a pass game because there was no Thompson in the quarterback.

Kansas State lost two games in a row after winning four games in a row. “We haven’t played the best football in the last two weeks. That’s a shame. It starts with me,” Kleemann said.

Texas: The Longhorn made a strong effort at the end of the disastrous regular season. After noon on October 9, Longhorns led Oklahoma 28-7 in halftime, 4-1. Texas lost 55-48 in that match, losing five more games in a row, giving up half-time leads to Oklahoma, Baylor, and Iowa in addition to Sooners. Then they lag behind Kansas 35-14 in half-time and lose in overtime.

More Missing LONG HORNS

Longhorns faced Kansas State University’s Bourne, but two linebackers, Luke Brockermeyer (knee) and Demarbion Oversea (foot), were injured. Defensive end JaCoby Jones is back after missing five games with a broken leg. “It was definitely difficult for me to come back,” Jones said. There was a day when I thought, “No, I don’t want to do it.” I woke up at 5:30 in the morning for rehabilitation. “


Kansas State will receive a bowl game invitation on December 5th.

Texas isn’t eligible for a bowl with a 5-7 record, but if there aren’t enough 6-win teams to fill all 82 spots, Longhorns can receive an invitation. Candidates for 5-7 records are categorized based on the NCAA Academic Progress Report.

Johnson leads Texas past Kansas State 22-17

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