Johnny Depp auctions Winona Ryder’s poem as an NFT


The Pirates of the Caribbean actor sells love poems written for his ex-fiancé as non-fungible tokens at auction, and a portion of his proceeds will be donated to charity.

Johnny Depp Selling poems he wrote for his ex-fiancé Winona Ryder As an NFT for charity.

Hollywood actors have worked with ViciNFT to auction various items, many of which are “Pirates of the Caribbean“A star playing one of his beloved guitars in his villa in France.

A total of 25% collected from NFT (Non-Fungible Token) auctions will be donated to one or more charities that support wildlife and the environment, plus an additional donation to the Climate Conservation Fund.

“I think Vici NFT is the first NFT company that really wants to protect and enhance the environment,” Johnny said in a statement. “I trust that the founders of ViciNFT are always philanthropic and support others more than just profitability.”

ViciNFT is headed by author and literary agent Bill Gladstone. Neil Young, Pamela Anderson,and Deepak Chopra..

“This is a groundbreaking opportunity to recognize creative artists, musicians, writers, poets, and visionary thinkers,” Gladstone added. “Johnny Depp is one of the most versatile creative artists of our generation and has the ideal creative personality to launch a creative NTF for the public good.”

“I represent many great writers whose books have raised awareness of important global issues. The success of Johnny Depp’s official NFT series has helped millions of people around the world. I hope to create opportunities for artists and artists. ”

Johnny and Winona were engaged for three years from 1990 to 1994.

The pair is “Edward Scissorhands“In 1990, he was known for his mutual love for poetry.

The first NFT auction will start on Tuesday (04May21) at 9am (Eastern Time) and end on Wednesday at 5pm (Wednesday) at Johnny Depp’s official auction.

Johnny Depp auctions Winona Ryder’s poem as an NFT

Source link Johnny Depp auctions Winona Ryder’s poem as an NFT

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