Johnny Depp at the booth: Hurd’s ex-wife’s accusations are “disgusting”

FAIRFAX, Virginia – Actor Johnny Depp told the jury on Tuesday that he felt compelled to sue his ex-wife Amber Heard for libel out of obsession with the truth after she accused him of domestic violence.

“My goal is the truth, because it killed me that all these people I’ve met over the years … that these people will think I’m a fraud,” he said.

Depp categorically denied hitting Hurd, calling the internal allegations against him embarrassing, disgusting, and “not based on any truth.”

“Nothing like that has happened,” Depp told the court.

Hinting about the fall in his career since Hurd accused him of abuse, the former Pirates of the Caribbean star said: “Six years of trials have passed. It’s very strange when one day you’re Cinderella, so to speak, and after 0.6 seconds you’re Quasimodo. “

For the first more than an hour of testimony on Tuesday, Depp gave long, comprehensive answers to questions about his childhood and early film career, speaking with his characteristic deep baritone. After a long answer, he admitted, “I forgot what the original question was.”


But he said he had waited six years to tell his side of the story after Hurd filed for divorce in 2016 and sought a restraining order against him.

The trial began more than a week ago, but before Tuesday, jurors had seen only the Hollywood star sit in silence with his team of lawyers as each side tried to embarrass the other in a process that Hurd’s lawyers accurately predicted would turn muddy. soap opera.

After denying Hurd’s allegations of abuse, Depp spoke at length about a childhood in which his mother’s physical abuse was “constant.” The abuse took the form of throwing ashtrays or using a high-heeled shoe or telephone to beat him, Depp said. When he became a father, Depp said, he made sure his children didn’t feel that way.


As for Hurd, Depp said she looked “too good to be true” at the beginning of their relationship.

“She was careful,” Depp said of the woman he married in 2015. She was loving. She was smart. She was sweet. She was funny. She understood ме We had a lot in common, certain blues music… literature. ”

But Depp said that within a year and a half, it was as if Hurd had become a different person.

So far, Depp’s friends, family and employees have testified that Hurd was the aggressor in the relationship, physically assaulting him several times. Hurd’s former personal assistant testified that Hurd spat in her face in a fit of rage.

Meanwhile, jurors have seen text messages in which Depp uses vulgar language to describe Hurd and expresses his desire to avenge her. Hurd’s lawyers said he raped her physically and sexually many times, often in situations where he drank so much that he later fainted.


The lawsuit itself is believed to have been over whether Hurd slandered Depp when she wrote a 2018 article in The Washington Post about domestic violence. In the article, Hurd calls himself a “public figure representing domestic violence.”

She never mentioned Depp by name, but Depp and his lawyers said it was a clear reference to the accusations made by Hurd in 2016 when the couple divorced and she sought a restraining order against him.

Hurd’s lawyers, who filed their own counterclaim against Depp, did not say that the article slandered him. They say the allegations of abuse are true and that the damage to Depp’s reputation – which he said took him out of the lucrative Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise – stems from his own bad behavior.

Depp’s testimony is expected to continue until Wednesday. Hurd is scheduled to testify later in the trial.



Associated Press writer Ben Finley of Norfolk, Virginia, contributed to the report.

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Johnny Depp at the booth: Hurd’s ex-wife’s accusations are “disgusting”

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