Joe Jonas has an “amazing” time at home with his baby daughter. Why are there 250 replicas of his right hand?

Joe Jonas is “ready to return to the road” after the concert has been canceled for over a year and the performance has been interrupted. Coronavirus pandemic.

“This year we have all tried different ways. What I missed is Go up to the stage And you can see those fans, so look at their faces. I’m there because it can happen again in a safe way, “he said in an exclusive interview with” CBS This Morning “on Tuesday.

An avid traveler before the pandemic, Jonas partnered with Expedia to launch a “Helping Hands” campaign. This created 250 exact replicas of Jonas’ right hand. Limited edition artworks are available to the first 250 people to claim them. Expedia states that it symbolizes the support and peace of mind that travelers want to provide so that they can confidently embark on an adventure after a pandemic.

β€œIt’s very important who you travel with,” Jonas said. “I think it can be a little scary for all of us to get back there now in a safe way, and if I can help with some kind of lending and help you. I’m excited about this. “

Pop stars were busy while they were blocked β€” in addition to writing and recording new music, Jonas and his wife, actress Sophie Turner, famous for the Game of Thrones, was named Willa. Welcomed my daughter.

Jonas, who speaks on television for the first time since becoming a father, was asked if he had any insight into the parent-child relationship.

“Nap is good everywhere,” he replied.

And while admitting that last year was a “forced time at home,” he cherished the “amazing” time he spent with his family.

“As you know, I’m always out. I’m always on the move, traveling and touring. I just stay firmly in one place, put my feet on the ground and stay with my family. Family. It’s time I don’t think I’ll be back. ” “I am very grateful.”

He and Turner are also developing their own mental health infrastructure. Mental health is “an important topic for couples,” Jonas said.

“For us, last year and a half, we realized that it had hit many different people,” he said.

Jonas added it Frontline workers It was also in his mind to bear the brunt of a pandemic.

“It’s really fierce, and we all love the people doing this, or at least you know who you are,” he said. “We are thinking of ways to give back to them, creative ways. To really focus on the great charities that donate our time and give back to these individuals, whether money or not. Please donate to. “

The singer also pays attention to his mental health through a pandemic, “whether by meditation or by conversation with the therapist”, to “find a new way” to calm down and check in for himself. I’m sure.

He also found new inspiration in the world around him.

“I’m always writing and recording and I think it’s very exciting,” Jonas said. “And the music you write can be anything from emotional to emotional songs about what you have personally experienced and what the world is experiencing.

Joe Jonas has an “amazing” time at home with his baby daughter. Why are there 250 replicas of his right hand?

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