Joe Biden elects Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education

Washington-Presidential Election Joe Biden is ready to nominate Connecticut Board of Education Miguel Cardona as Secretary of the Ministry of Education, the Associate Press reports, schooling during a coronavirus pandemic Selected key supporters to resume.

If confirmed by the Senate, 45-year-old Cardona will push to reopen all public schools in the first 100 days of Biden’s administration. Biden’s choice will add another Latino to his increasingly diversified cabinet.

After working as a public school educator in Meriden, Connecticut for 20 years, Cardona, who has been Head of Education in Connecticut for 16 months, is seeing a surge in hiring, with just 7,459 students.

Connecticut Board of Education Miguel Cardona will speak with students from Berlin High School on a school tour on January 28th.

In the course of the campaign, Biden promised to choose a teacher to lead a national school.

The Biden transition team has not announced the choice and has not confirmed that Cardona is the choice. Cardona did not respond to the request for comment.

Cardona has been an assistant superintendent at Meriden Public School since 2013, and Democratic Governor Neddramont was appointed to the school board in August 2019. Previously, Cardona was the principal for 10 years and was subsequently recognized as the principal of the year in Connecticut in 2012. At the age of 28, he became the youngest principal in the state. He was also an elementary school teacher.

Cardona does not work directly with teachers’ unions or advocates of school choice in the national education policy war. Both camps praised the potential choice.

Cardona: “Face-to-face education is too important”

He will take over the department as American students, and their schools and colleges, are freed from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Hartford Coolant, Cardona argued that there was little evidence of coronavirus infection in schools, emphasizing the social, emotional, and educational benefits of face-to-face lessons for virtual learning.

“Face-to-face education is too important for children to further disrupt education,” Cardona told the principal of the state of Connecticut in November, “unless local conditions specifically indicate the need to do so. I wrote.

In line with Biden’s position on school education in the pandemic, Cardona encouraged the state’s school districts to remain open by providing safety guidelines. Connecticut’s largest school districts, New Haven and Danbury, are the only systems in the state that maintain all virtual learning throughout the year. Last month, some of the school districts I met in person switched to virtual classrooms.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill will attend a virtual conference on the school reopening at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware on September 2.

Nationally, the school system did not have clear federal guidance on how and when to reopen classrooms and when and how to remote learning. Students are academically behind without face-to-face education.

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Payments and interest on the country’s $ 1.6 trillion student loan portfolio have been put on hold until days after Biden took office, awaiting a policy decision from the new Secretary of Education as the pandemic continues to collapse.

Joe Biden elects Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education

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