Jimmy Chin takes cheese and salami on a morale expedition

If you didn’t know who Jimmy Chin was before 2018, you certainly knew by the end of the year.Academy Award-winning hit documentary director Free soloClimber Alex Honnold created a sensation following his quest to be the first to climb El Capitan’s 3,000-foot vertical rock wall in Yosemite National Park without the use of ropes.

However, Chin has been an outdoor legend for some time, skiing, climbing the world, expeditions, first ascent, and other award-winning films under his belt. .. (If you like Free solo, look Mel Tonight — Believe us. )

Today, the two fathers spend time with their wife, filmmaker Chaiva Salheli, primarily between New York and Jackson Hall, Wyoming. GQ He caught up with him between trips to Mount Rainier, Disney World and London and talked about how he refueled and left a lot of balls in the air.

GQ: Where are you in the world now?

Jimmy Chin: good. I’m in a walk-in closet in New York. Some people work in other rooms. Within the last three weeks, I worked, trained, climbed, ran, and scrambled in the mountains at Jackson. Then I went to Mount Rainier and shot some scenes for my next project. Then I flew to New York for a few days to greet the children. He then traveled to the UK to shoot several scenes in three different cities over a three-day period and make the next film. Then I went to Florida, spent two days with my family at Disney World, and then came back here. I came back to Jackson on Friday.

Then it would be difficult to maintain any kind of routine when making such a move. What’s in the toolbox, so to speak, to stay sane?

I have some supplements that come with me. I take this one supplement called Hanawan, they have superfoods every day, and they also make Ashwagandha I take. Other than that, the movement is really what’s in my toolbox, and I think it’s fixing me, so to speak. Do core exercises, yoga, push-ups in your hotel room, use the hotel gym, or go for a run while traveling. I call it maintenance.

But I think the biggest reason I’m fixed is being outside and in the mountains. It keeps me sane. There is nothing better than being outside to help you really exist. I often remember being around children in particular. Don’t expect the next thing, but keep track of what you’re doing at that moment.

Do you usually eat before exercising?

I usually don’t eat anything until around noon, but it’s still quite light. I drink matcha in the morning. I don’t drink much coffee, but I like something warm.

How about lunch?

It’s usually a smoothie or granola and berries and yogurt until dinner. Smoothies range from frozen fruits, bananas, kale, almond milk and yogurt. At dinner, I try not to be completely absorbed in it. But what I have depends on where I am. When I’m at home, food on the road can be everywhere, so I try to keep it light. I’m lucky that I don’t need much body, and I feel better when I’m not outboard.

I’m basically sitting here and asking myself how to get enough calories a day to actually perform at the level you’re doing.

Now, when we are on an expedition, whether I am in Chad or Nepal, I can see that my body is just acclimatizing to what is available. I’m not too noisy. However, before some expeditions, your body basically eats muscle first, so try gaining a little more muscle mass. There are always unpredictable moments, and sometimes after those trips I come back to be 15 to 20 pounds lighter.

What do you eat on the actual climb?

I use freeze-dried a lot because it is well preserved, but I like real food. Because it is particularly durable, we bring a lot of hard salami and cheese as comfort food. Of course, I also eat rice, patties, what I actually get, and local food.

Much of what you do involves a lot of time with yourself and your thoughts. What do you think is the key to your self-growth over the last decade?

I learn to trust myself and know that no matter what happens on an expedition, I make good decisions in difficult moments. You win some and you lose some. You will do your best. You may not be able to control variables that may not reach your goals. But it’s a way for you to manage those anxieties at that moment to make the best possible choice for you and your team. That attitude and way of thinking helps me everywhere, from the mountains to with my children.

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Jimmy Chin takes cheese and salami on a morale expedition

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