JetBlue will stop blocking in-flight seats in January

A jetblue plane at the gate of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

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Get ready to fight again for the armrests.

JetBlue Airlines announced on Thursday that it will sell all seats on its flights from January 8th. This is the latest airline quoting an advanced in-flight filtration system to reduce the risk of catching Covid-19 on flight.

All airlines require passengers to wear masks on board, but sparring beyond social distances on board and in some cases marketing.

Carriers are struggling to increase revenue and keep costs down, as travel demand remains at about one-third of last year’s levels, according to federal data.

JetBlue has previously stated that it will limit in-flight capacity from mid-October to December 1st to approximately 60% to 70%. Book up to 85% full flights from December 2nd to January 7th, including vacation periods. Joanna Geraghty, President and COO of JetBlue, said in a staff note that the end of the seat block policy coincides with “usually low demand and low flight full winter times.”

The airline joins Southwest Airlines to book a full flight. Southwest Airlines announced last month that it will sell all seats on its flights starting December 1. We estimate a pre-tax result of $ 20 million in October and a $ 60 million impact in November.

“Therefore, we can’t capture the demand of our customers in the market, so we’re missing out on revenue opportunities,” Career President Tom Nearon said in a quarterly phone call on October 22. ..

Delta will continue to limit in-flight capacity until at least January 6. Delta’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, Bill Renchu, said at an industry conference on Tuesday that airlines would reassess policies close to that date.

“It’s easy to get used to having enough space,” Lentsch said. “But obviously, that’s not something we can maintain indefinitely.”

JetBlue will stop blocking in-flight seats in January

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