Jesse Jackson out of 39 people arrested for sit-in at the cinema office

Phoenix – Civil rights leaders, including pastors. Jesse Jackson and William Barber leave Democratic Senator Kyrsten Cinema’s Phoenix office in the face of relentless pressure from liberal activists to end filibuster to pass voting bills He was among the 39 people arrested on Monday for refusing to do so.

Jackson, one of the country’s most prominent leaders in the civil rights movement, said the country was “fronted” and “civilized” and urged activists to fight nonviolently for their rights. Prompted.

“The power lies with you, the people,” Jackson said.

Passing the voting rights bill is a top priority for parliamentary Democrats and party activists, saying it is imperative to oppose state-level efforts to impose new restrictions on Republican voting. It has been plagued by filibuster, which has prevented Democrats from passing most bills without Republican support.


She says Cinema is one of the moderate Democratic senators who ruled out the change to filibuster, encouraging bipartisan cooperation and more lasting legislative compromises.

Hundreds of activists marched about a mile from the park to the cinema office in Phoenix’s Biltmore district, shouting, “End the filibuster now.” Eliminating filibuster would open the door for Democratic senators to enact a voting bill and raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15.

Barry Smith, a 59-year-old retired school teacher from Phoenix, sat outside and wept, saying, “For 25 years, this is what you have to do to change things. “The cinema office preparing for arrest.” It’s very annoying for the minority to run the Senate because we’re supposed to be democratic. “

Barber, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, said Cinema’s opposition to changing filibusters jeopardized not only voting rights law, but also minimum wages, immigration and climate control.


Sergeant Phoenix said the arrested people were quoted for trespassing and released. Mercedes Fortune.

Mr Cinema supports voting rights law, but critics say her support is empty if it interferes with the procedural changes that actually allow it to be enacted. .. She’s with Republican Senator Mitt Romney on bipartisan legislation to raise the minimum wage, but the proposals they develop could be as high as $ 15, which many in the labor movement demand. The sex is low.

“Filibuster forces moderation and helps protect the country from violent fluctuations between conflicting policy poles,” she wrote in the Washington Post last month in the broadest account of her views she gave. ..

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Jesse Jackson out of 39 people arrested for sit-in at the cinema office

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