Jerry Harris pleads not guilty of child sexual abuse


Netflix’s cheerleading star has been acquitted because he remains behind the bar after being denied bail after being arrested earlier this year on suspicion of child sexual abuse.

AceShowbiz -“”Cheering” Star Jerry Harris Acquitted for sexual abuse of a new child.

A reality star lawyer filed his petition on Thursday (December 17, 2008), less than a week after the prosecutor opened the seven-count indictment. With them.

A 21-year-old boy was charged with producing child pornography in September after the FBI attacked his home in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, he counts four children’s sexual exploitation, one temptation, one received child pornography, and one trip aimed at engaging in illegal sexual contact with minors.

Harris was originally arrested and has filed a lawsuit for sending a sexually explicit photo of his now 14-year-old twin boy, begging one of them for oral sex.

At the time of the first criminal procedure, a Netflix personality spokesperson denied cheating.

“We are categorically disagreeing with the alleged teenage claims of Jerry Harris, and we are confident that the truth will be revealed once the investigation is complete,” a statement released in September said. It was.

Harris was denied bail in October and was ordered to stay behind the bar until trial.

Attorneys cited health issues when seeking the release of a cheerleading star prison. They claimed that the mental health treatments needed by a 21-year-old client were not available in a federal prison in Chicago, Illinois, but his asthma put him at risk of serious illness from COVID-19. It was.

Jerry Harris pleads not guilty of child sexual abuse

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