Janice Adetokumpo gets a new watch for the Final Most Valuable MVP Trophy

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During the NBA season, I witnessed Janice Adetokumpo make great strides. Probably the most amazing leap of all. From two MVPs to … legal watch collectors. Prior to this season, Antetokunpo wore only one Rolex baseline model, the Oyster Perpetual watch. It all turned into the off-season when he signed Milwaukee Bucks and his huge $ 228 million extension while wearing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. Throughout the season, he assembled even more valuable watches, such as the Rolex Daytona with his beloved “Panda” dial, what looks like a Rolex Submariner with a blue bezel, and even the Rolex “Rainbow” from Brynbrin. This is a big step forward from the man who once loaded a free water bottle! If Antetokounmpo wore a very fun Rainbow to celebrate the city-wide championship in Milwaukee, we certainly didn’t say booing, but he obviously did something else with this Sky-Dweller. I was thinking.

David Dow

Rolex Sky Dweller of Janice Adetokumpo

Do you know who else wears the Rolex Sky-Dweller, which looks a lot like Antetokounmpo’s wrist? Michael Jordan.I’m not saying that’s why Janice wore him, but I’m not No Even so. If a watch collector bought a particular Submariner because it was worn by Steve McQueen, why couldn’t Jeannis do the same with the MJ?

Kevin Mazur

John Mayer Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Many collectors will ride the “last train home” in search of such a watch. Watch collection “not important but important”, especially if you can buy a watch like Meyer’s sporty Patek Aquanaut. Recently, watch enthusiasts with bottomless pockets like the Sun Valley Conference have awakened to the “new light” of ultra-casual luxury watches like the Aquanaut. With long waiting lists of Patek models like Nautilus and Aquanaut now commonplace, hopeful buyers ask watch dealers “Why don’t you love me?”

Joe Ladle
Courtesy omega

Jeff Bezos Omega Speedmaster

The choice of Bezos watches for space travel was nothing more. Famous as the Moonwatch, the OMEGA Speedmaster is the only NASA-approved watch. So, of course, it was the watch worn by Bezos and the crew for the first manned flight of Amazon’s founder’s private space company, Blue Origin. (For Bezos, the more accurate description of the Moonwatch is BarelyPassingtheBoundaryIntoSpaceWatch.) To celebrate the moment, Bezos got a custom strap with the company logo. Amazon employees and customers are happy to submit invoices..

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Henry Golding Patek Philippe Nautilus

Whether you’re celebrating a new album like John Mayer or promoting a new GI Joe movie Snake-eyesAs Henry Golding did this week, the sporty Patek Philippe is a great choice. The reason why Nautilus-like watches exist is the high-golding Eland running fit (black trousers, black shirt, black sunglasses). A list of watches for nearly $ 30,000 (retail price) that feels right on Golding’s wrist basically starts with Nautilus and ends with Nautilus.

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M. Nightshamaran Portugieser chronograph

If you’re trapped on the beach for a year every 30 minutes, that’s the premise of Shyamalan’s new movie. Year— Need an accurate timing instrument? With this IWC chronograph watch, Shyamalan is always ready to plunge into one of his own horrific plots.

Janice Adetokumpo gets a new watch for the Final Most Valuable MVP Trophy

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