James Blake’s Rubrik on Cyber ​​Assault Retaliation, Retaliation and Terrorism Arrest

For today’s businesses, the low downtime created by a cyber attack with ransomware can be compensated in the form of time, resources, maintenance fees and name. Therefore, companies need to work to ensure that they do not stand still in the face of growing ransomware attacks and cyber threats.

Data protection is central to this, and while it is the “crown jewel” of organizations, it often falls into the hands of cyber criminals, with response workflows falling into the cracks. between IT and security, leaving businesses tempted to retaliate. High -level data surveillance and threat capture is one of the ways organizations can prevent ransomware, but many lack the resources to engage in such activities.

For more information, Read He spoke to James Blake, Field CISO at EMEA at Rubrik, before his speeches at the Rubrik FORWARD 2022 annual user conference, to be held on May 17-19, 2022.

What does the ransomware game mean now in the context of the epidemic and increasing hybrid production?

“The ransomware showed us the company’s lack of cyber and collaboration. The ability for IT and security to work together, combined processes, integration systems, It is not possible to create fragile systems in the first place, and the ability to work.stand and endure the attack.And if we cannot build resilience in the way we work and build resilience today’s systems – more and more of the time is going to digitalize – these vulnerabilities will change our global business, and we ‘You don’t learn resiliency lessons from working with ransomware .

“We knew an event was coming, so we worked with them and minimized the impact by building our resilience and our ability to respond, and manage events as professional as possible. -as usual – and that’s what Rubrik does. “

What tools and systems do organizations use to respond to the rise of ransomware attacks and stop them from working when they are finished?

“Companies have, on average, about 130 different securities, which provide increased complexity and licensing costs, and about 80-90 per cent of the fund will finished off with protective gear and detective solution, so we don’t learn our lesson.There are a lot of bullets.and very little bit of integration and implementation.

“And as IT departments move around the world, at the same time there is still security in building businesses on -premises and using them with more employees, even though there is a lack of global cybersecurity skills.Rising up, traffic is rising but not often that is possible.We are at a point where we see the law of reduced returns on likelihood controls- focus on the full range. So the needle really moves? I don’t think so. “

How have Rubrik’s customers changed the way they use your product and services for this new country?

“Rubrik’s customers really understand how to use the platform. What we’re seeing now is that they really understand the ‘identify stage’, where they can see the data. Most organizations don’t know where their data resides, and if they do – In fact, organizations need to work around databases of data for no apparent reason. We see them use the Zero Trust Data Security approach and capabilities to protect their data, leaving it out of the reach of third parties. Enemies, such as being wary of deleting and pasting data.

“When we get to the response level, we see them use features that allow them to do the uploading of file systems while supporting investigations and forensics and we know that they will look closely at their actions with the threat – and look for those gaps between your defensive/active powers.In return they will use this information so that they can simply return to the information they need and not bad information or disease. “

How important is threat detection and do organizations have the resources and knowledge how to get involved?

“Part of the difficulty of arresting a threat is that it’s usually to get some value from the arrest. It can take months to years. You have to teach a team to use the tools. work, you have to put in those tools, you. You have to navigate these tools, you have to invest in the economy – and then your environment turns its back on the chart. a place for all of them. We have a broad topic to explore further in FORWARD. “

What steps can organizations take to be proactive rather than reactive as they approach cybersecurity?

“The first thing is to understand what you have to prevent. This is the most important thing. I see a lot of companies that have security, but not crisis management – they don’t know what to prevent. to them or to what they have, that would be a great difficulty.

“The real value lies in the data, and where the data resides, and how the data supports processes. The world… but they don’t often understand where the data is the potential value It is the responsibility of the uploaders to understand how the service is supported, and where the data resides. , It’s time to do your risk assessment and give value to the business. “

What do you say to groups that are tempted to pay compensation after an attack?

“Don’t do it. There’s no guarantee you’ll get what you want from it. When you pay for a ransomware, you could find yourself spending money on a criminal organization, and it’s breaking. It may involve international sanctions, or even your rights. You may not be thanked for doing so. to an attack, and then to work together on a reinforcement plan.

“If your first thought is to add developer 131 in an attempt to prevent ransomware, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re often hacked and – don’t forget us that malware is always going to those ransomware. malware and ransomware share There are many similarities in the nature of the different endpoint at the end of the chain. it has a better return on security than any other malware. “

To learn more about protecting your organization from cyber threats, listen to Before 2022.

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James Blake’s Rubrik on Cyber ​​Assault Retaliation, Retaliation and Terrorism Arrest

Source link James Blake’s Rubrik on Cyber ​​Assault Retaliation, Retaliation and Terrorism Arrest

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