Jalen takes over as an Eagles quarterback, plays through controversy, and hurt his killer crayfish

The biggest thing is to be dressed and comfortable … you make clothes. It’s confident. I wear everything with confidence. I go there and try to fit.

Do you do everything with confidence?


When you see you playing on the field, it feels very clear to come across. What made you so confident as a quarterback from college to the present?

I value the pain and patience I had to endure and overcome. I think that grit will be born from that. I just want those things to soak into my teammates. I’m trying to guide them, become influential guys, and represent my teammates and teams in the right way. It’s all about the sense of unity of sport.

What exactly does that mean when you mention what you had to overcome?

adversity. Different obstacles and different opportunities when I had to learn and grow. I always say, “Is the glass half empty or half full?” I take advantage of all these opportunities to grow. Obviously, you have to do something to overcome, but that means you’re always growing, and it’s always a situation you can learn.

How do you approach the dispute?Whether you like it or not, it was around you from the beginning Alabama, NS Oklahoma NS Eagles.. How did you handle the difficult moments associated with being a quarterback?

In many of those different situations, it was the people around me who caused the controversy, not me. I go out there and try not to be too high or too low.I always had some [calm] Mentality.

Have you ever come out of the draft and thought it would be a second round pick?

That’s the story I have to say when it’s all said and done [laughs].. I had the opportunity at that time, but now I have the opportunity. I’m very excited to be with the Philadelphia Eagles and what we’re trying to do in the future.

I’m from Philly and have always been a fan …

[laughs and groans at the same time] Oh yeah? !!

here we go…

What is a cheesesteak spot?

Ishkabibble cheesesteak, baby.

You see, I had a rally stuff, it was the only one I had and I loved the rally stuff very much. I need to take advantage of it.

It was hard to see you during the rookie season. We didn’t see or hear much from you. But much was happening in the quarterback room in the Carson Wentz situation. What was it like to sit and silence while all that was happening around you?

That was always the case for me. To be honest, I’m a man with few words. I’m just trying to get my play to talk. I just want to go out and play the ball. That’s what we all want to do. That’s what I like. So I take all external factors as external factors and focus on what I can control. That is my play.

But silence can sometimes be daunting. Things can pile up. Did you find a problem while this was going on, or did you lean on people when Carson Wentz’s situation deteriorated and Doug Pederson was fired? We were introduced to a whole new team overnight.

They are yours Have got Weathered. I work on it with a stoic mindset. I completely trust my play, get out there, work for it, and get everything. I have a good relationship with many on the team: Jason Kelsey, Greg Ward, DeVonta Smith, all recipients.

Jalen takes over as an Eagles quarterback, plays through controversy, and hurt his killer crayfish

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