Jalen McKee Rodriguez announces to San Antonio city council member that he is the first gay

San Antonio – Jalen McKee-Rodriguez became the first openly gay man to be elected to the San Antonio City Council, beating incumbent Jada Andrews-Sullivan in the second district final vote on Saturday night.

When all the votes were counted, McKee Rodriguez got 63% of the votes, while Andrew Sullivan got 37%, a difference of 1,230 votes. It was one of the five final votes on Saturday.

“I swear to be a hard-working leader every day,” 25-year-old McKee Rodriguez told KSAT on Saturday night.

“We are doing our best for the community and we are grateful for this opportunity,” said Andrew Sullivan, who won his only term in 2019.

Former teacher McKee Rodriguez, who worked as Communications Director at Andrews Sullivan, said his historic victory on the East Side of San Antonio proved that many were wrong.


“Many people have said that District 2 isn’t ready to accept candidates like me. Is District 2 ready to accept young gay candidates? Texas Are young gay black men ready to be chosen for any position, wherever they are? And what we have proved, and what the community has proved, is everyone worthy of representation. And if you have the right motives, the right passion, and a good listener, people will trust it, “he said. I’m excited to go through the Holy Fire and reach out to young people because I haven’t represented the city hall or local or national governments in various ways. So I don’t take it lightly either. “

Robert Salcido Jr., Executive Director of Pride Center San Antonio, told KSAT 12 that McKee Rodriguez’s victory was at the right time for Alamo City.

“It’s historical that black, out-of-the-box gay candidates like Jalen McKee Rodriguez are elected to the San Antonio City Council. Racial discrimination, homophobia, and dislike for people of color and LGBTQ +. When other issues affecting balance arise, Jalen brings a unique perspective based on real-world experience never before seen in San Antonio. The first openly elected in San Antonio. Being a gay black man and the first openly gay black man to be elected in Texas is the best representative. It’s historic, “Salside said in a statement to KSAT.


The District 2 race has recently heated up on suspicion of homophobia.

McKee Rodriguez recently told social media that some Eastside ministers told believers that voting for him was a sin.

The ministers denied the accusation, saying they were backed by Andrew Sullivan for her work as a councilor.

McKee Rodriguez will be in Andrews Sullivan’s office in 2019 for retaliation he faced after talking to her about another employee’s treatment of homosexuals, which Andrews Sullivan denied. Said he quit his job as a staff member.

McKee Rodriguez was the first publicly gay elected city council member, while Elena Guajardo was the first publicly gay elected city council member in 2005.


Candidates for District 2 of the San Antonio City Council will appear in a live forum hosted by San Antonio Observers on Sunday, April 25, at 6 pm. (Copyright by KSAT 2021-All copyrights owned.)

Copyright 2021 by KSAT –All copyright owned.

Jalen McKee Rodriguez announces to San Antonio city council member that he is the first gay

Source link Jalen McKee Rodriguez announces to San Antonio city council member that he is the first gay

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