It’s here!Join us today on Day 1 of Cyber ​​Security Festival 2021

The last 15 months of remotework and associated hazards, as well as a series of recent high-profile attacks, have made cybersecurity a top priority for businesses. There has never been a better time to improve security across an organization. So today and the next two weeks, I’ll be attending Cyber ​​Security Festival 2021 to learn how to do it.

From 10 am today, the Cyber ​​Security Festival Computing: Your time is limited and we recognize it as important, so the three-day hybrid event has spread over the weeks.

The event consists of a combination of presentations, panel sessions, fireside chats, workshops and networking designed to help IT professionals understand the latest cybersecurity mindset. Sign up now and take advantage of the opportunity to hear from the industry’s top experts and some of the largest and most successful brands and ask questions directly.

Cyber ​​Security Festival will be broadcast live from a revamped computing studio

Day 1-Today-begins with a keynote speech by futurist Sophie Hackford entitled “Where is IT Security Heading?” Also on some pressing issues of the latest CISO, including ransomware (and how to avoid its fallout), and a panel discussion on remote work with IT leaders on Channel 4, Unilever, PIB Group, and Metrobank. Also talk.

After the break, there will be a series of trust sessions and case studies, as well as a panel discussion to find out the efficiency of the security budget. A must-see for the CISO. In addition, the afternoon included an even more engaging session on why the security industry needed to ignore traditional hiring rationale, such as a session by Lianne Potter, who turned from an anthropologist to IT leader.

The second day is about a roundtable meeting where you can discuss pressing issues with your colleagues. Day 3 will focus on the latest cyber topics such as artificial intelligence, identity, and the complexity of integrating security and the cloud.

This is a must-see event and we are excited to host it and share it with you. Register now, join the conversation and watch live.

It’s here!Join us today on Day 1 of Cyber ​​Security Festival 2021

Source link It’s here!Join us today on Day 1 of Cyber ​​Security Festival 2021

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