Israel states that Palestinian car crash wounds are paramilitary

Jerusalem Police said on Thursday that a Palestinian driver had beaten a member of the Israeli paramilitary border guard at a major checkpoint north of Jerusalem, causing moderate injuries.

They said police officers fired at vehicles, crashed into walls, and arrested a 22-year-old suspect from the occupied west bank of Calkyria. Police said it was a vehicle-ramming attack.

Border guards had removed an unauthorized building near the Callandia checkpoint on the main road between Ramallah and Jerusalem, a city on the west bank of the Palestinian government.

Palestinians have made dozens of puncture wounds, shootings and vehicle attacks in recent years, but Palestinians and rights groups have said that some of the alleged car crashes were accidents and Israel used excessive force. He says he has accused him of doing so.


In another case, Jewish settlers attacked Israeli military officers and soldiers with pepper spray on Wednesday near a settlement outpost on the occupied west coast. This is the latest in a series of recent attacks by settlers on Israeli security forces and Palestinians.

The military said the two soldiers were treated on-site without giving details. He referred to a question to the police who did not immediately respond to the request for comment and declined to say if anyone was arrested for the attack.

Hardline settlers, known as “price tag” attacks, in response to recognized efforts by Israeli authorities to limit the expansion of settlements, have recently clashed with Israeli forces and have Palestinian property. Destroyed.


At the end of last month, dozens of stone-throwing Israeli settlers attacked a small Palestinian village on the west bank, damaging homes and cars and injuring a four-year-old boy. Video footage showed that Israeli soldiers were standing among the settlers and apparently doing nothing to stop them.

Most of the approximately 500,000 Israeli settlers on the west bank of the Jordan River live in licensed settlements that resemble small towns and suburbs, but more radical settlers are illegal under Israeli law. We have dozens of outposts. Palestinians and most of the international community see all settlements as illegal and an obstacle to the two-state resolution of conflict.

Army Chief of Staff General Aviv Kohabi accused the recent settlers of attacks, saying, “Criminal acts against civilian IDF soldiers are intolerable and require swift enforcement throughout the law.” Said.


More than 2.5 million Palestinians on the west bank of the occupied Jordan live under Israeli military control, and the Palestinian Authority has limited autonomy in cities and towns. Settlers have Israeli citizenship and are subject to Israel’s private judicial system.

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Israel states that Palestinian car crash wounds are paramilitary

Source link Israel states that Palestinian car crash wounds are paramilitary

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