IRIS, finalist of cloud integrated product of the year

The financial situation is complex and can be confusing. Cloud Excellence Awards finalist IRIS focuses on simplifying and automating critical tasks so customers can focus on their core business.

We interviewed Jonathan Priestley, Head of Portfolio Modernization, about the company’s entry into the Cloud Excellence Awards this year.

What is the background of IRIS for our readers?

IRIS is one of the UK’s largest privately held software companies. Our goal is to be the most trusted provider of mission-critical software and services.

IRIS relieves process pain and allows professionals to focus on building their favorite work and business. Software solutions and services for finance, talent development, payroll teams, educational institutions and accounting firms help you comply with regulations, increase productivity and engage with key stakeholders.

IRIS simplifies, automates and provides insights into everyday tasks to ensure that our customers are looking forward to it with confidence.

How is it different from other technology companies?

IRIS is trusted by over 120,000 organizations, from FTSE 100 companies to micro enterprises. IRIS software and services are used in many sectors around the world and reach audiences such as accounting firms, education trusts, academies and schools, charitable organizations, law firms, HR leaders and teams, and public sector organizations. We provide compliance, productivity and engagement solutions.

Currently, 90 of the top 100 UK accounting firms and more than 21,000 UK accounting firms rely on IRIS to help them run their businesses. This is better than any other accounting suite vendor in the UK.

What makes IRIS stand out is that it makes life easier for customers through tight integration. Thanks to IRIS’s single central database, which creates a single source of truth, once information is entered, the product suite can use and share this information, providing true integration between shared workflows and processes. increase.

IRIS fully understands and embraces the power and potential of the cloud across its services and solutions. The latest innovation is IRIS Elements. It’s a cloud platform for accounting firms that allows accountants to start their digital journey and choose when and when to move to the cloud at their own pace.

What is the most proud company’s performance in the last 12 months?

When IRIS saw the cloud software trend accelerating shortly before, it knew that accounting practices could then benefit demonstrably. Businesses also understood that accounting firms wanted a strategic, future-ready, scalable solution rather than a tactical, fragmented response to the cloud. IRIS Elements is the answer to this need.

Even before Covid-19, the product team has accounting professionals adopting cloud technology to reduce technical complexity, increase agility, support flexible work, and meet changing customer demands. I wanted to improve my ability to respond.

IRIS has a customer base of over 20,000 accounting desktop users. IRIS Elements is a client-centric adaptive platform that allows accountants to start their digital journey and choose how and when to proceed at their own pace, offering the best of both worlds.

Rather than the typical waterfall style creation and release approach to development (consulting the customer before leaving for a year to build), IRIS took a different route. A design community of over 300 accounting practices was hired to assist, and a group of 10-12 clients gathered to collaborate with the IRIS team on all parts of the development work.

IRIS Elements is a platform created and managed in collaboration with clients, built by accountants for accountants. This ongoing discussion and testing demonstrates a customer-centric approach to design and development by the IRIS team.

Customers also want an open and harmonious system, and IRIS has created an innovative platform that links with other best apps to create versatile and valuable systems. In this data-driven, agile world, IRIS is constantly innovating, allowing customers to succeed in any environment.

What are you working on this year?

The new Making Tax Digital (MTD) regulation, coming into force in 2022, is one of the biggest changes in the way businesses work with clients, moving from annual submissions to at least six submissions a year. increase. IRIS is working with the customer design community to provide a data integration layer within the IRIS Elements MTD, enabling customers to benefit from a single workflow for all clients, regardless of records management solution. increase.

IRIS will continue to develop IRIS Elements to support accounting practices of all sizes and will be expanded in the coming months with new modules based on the requirements of the IRIS customer community. This constant innovation enables accountants to maintain compliance and improve workflow efficiency, allowing them to continue their important role in supporting their clients.

The role of accounting professionals is evolving. With the commoditization of compliance, clients are seeking business advice. IRIS is addressing this evolution with the development of the IRIS Elements Financial Performance Review. It’s one of the technology pathways to advisory capabilities, built on existing five-year reports within IRIS Accounts Production, and you can access this information from anywhere.

The range of business landscapes is vast. IRIS Elements has the ability to grow to become a global platform. We have the ability to expand and expand the range of services offered, such as pensions and wills, talent retention and talent development advice, to help businesses work more efficiently and deliver more.

Why are events like the Cloud Excellence Awards so important to the IT industry?

Events like the Cloud Excellence Awards make it possible to celebrate our achievements and how far we have come as innovators in this area. Victory is not the only value. It is participating. Being recognized is rewarding for employees. It allows our customers to build trust in our software, and finally we can learn and share from other incredible vendors.

The Cloud Excellence Awards will be held tonight at the Marble Arch in Montcalm London. See you there!

IRIS, finalist of cloud integrated product of the year

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