Iran calls on US to stop “sanctions addiction” | Voice of America

Iran, Tehran-Iran urged the United States to stop using sanctions against Islamic republic on Saturday, accusing US President Joe Biden of following the same “dead end” policy as his predecessor Donald Trump.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said the day after the US Treasury announced economic sanctions on four Iranians accused of planning to abduct Iranian-American journalists in the United States.

“Washington must abandon its reliance on sanctions and understand that it has no choice but to show respect in both its statement and action against Iran,” Katib Zade said in a press release.

Under President Trump, Washington unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and major world powers. The multilateral agreement provided Iran with sanctions relief in exchange for curbing its nuclear program. It was hit by a torpedo by Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States in 2018.

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said in his first television interview since taking office last month that reviving transactions was “a government agenda, but not under pressure” from the West on Saturday.

“Americans and Europeans tried to pressure them to engage in dialogue several times, but to no avail,” Raishi said in an interview broadcast on state television.

Negotiations got stuck

Biden said he wanted to reintegrate Washington into the deal, but negotiations in Vienna, which began in April, have been stalled since the ultra-conservative Laisi won the Iranian presidential election in June.

At the end of August, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hamenei accused the Biden administration of making the same demands as its predecessor at talks to revive the agreement.

And on Tuesday, Iran’s new foreign minister, Hossein Amir Abdrahian, suggested that talks in Vienna would not resume for a few months.

“Negotiations are on the agenda, but not negotiations for negotiations, or negotiations for negotiations,” Raishi said on Saturday.

“At these talks, we aim to lift repressive sanctions,” he added. “We will not succumb to the interests of Iran’s great nation.”

Tehran has demanded that all sanctions imposed or imposed by the United States be lifted since 2017.

On Friday, the US Treasury announced sanctions on “four Iranian intelligence agencies” who said they were involved in a campaign against Iran’s dissidents abroad.

According to a U.S. federal indictment in mid-July, intelligence officers seduced and arrested an Iran-based relative of U.S. and Iranian journalist Massy Alinejad in a third country and took her to Iran in 2018. I went and tried to imprison him.

When it failed, they are said to have hired a US private detective to monitor her for the past two years.

In July, Khati bzadeh called the US accusation “unfounded, ridiculous” and “Hollywood scenario.”

Iran calls on US to stop “sanctions addiction” | Voice of America

Source link Iran calls on US to stop “sanctions addiction” | Voice of America

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