Ioan Gruffudd’s divorced wife accepts the need to pay attention to words during the divorce

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Alice Evans apologizes for using exaggeration during the explosion a few weeks after the “Fantastic Four” star attacked her daughters and claimed they were crying every day.

AceShowbiz -actress Alice Evans She apologized for suggesting that her daughter was devastated by the ongoing divorce drama of mom and dad, and she accepted that her words needed to be chosen more carefully.

Ioan GruffuddThe estranged wife claimed that her ex-couple’s daughters Ella and Elsie were “crying every day,” but now Instagram to admit that her children are “doing better than expected.” I took him to.

She added that Ella, 11, was already “getting more Ubereats deliveries by returning between the two homes,” as Alice thanked the fans for their support.

“I don’t know where I said this, but I did, and I should have paid more attention to my words,” Evans wrote. “They cry a lot, but kids tend to cry anyway, and’they cry every day’ is definitely an exaggeration! I’m sorry.”

“To be honest, they’re doing much better than I had imagined, just that there’s a specific debate about the future. [near and far] Something will make them sad. And there is no answer yet. ”

Alice reveals that she and the actor split in January, saying, “Fantastic four“The star” tortured her “mentally” and “suddenly” abandoned her family.

In a Twitter explosion, an emotional actress wrote: they? Will they ever have a family? ”

Evans has been criticized for being too open about her feelings throughout the divorce battles so far.

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