Interview with Shared Services Connected Ltd, a finalist of the UK IT Industry Awards

The UK IT Industry Awards will be held at the traditional Battersea venue on the evening of November 10th, following the 2020 virtual ceremony. Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL) was selected as a finalist in the “Best Security, Defense, or Law Enforcement IT Project of the Year” category. Computing I met Alan Sheehan, program director of SSCL’s police business, to find out about the company and why he feels the award is important.

Computing: Who is Shared Services Connected Ltd?

Alan Sheehan: Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL) is a leader in key business support services for the largest government sector, defense ministry, police and CITB across the UK. We provide consulting and digital services, finance, procurement, end-to-end human resources development and resource services.

We employ more than 2,800 people and are at the heart of our business strategy with our deep knowledge of our clients and our collaborative approach.

Operated on a scale and scale through government, defense and police, it has already saved around £ 405m and is funding frontline civil services more.

CTG: How is your company different from other companies?

that’s why: We are a value-based company. We have a “customer first” philosophy and everything we do supports our customers’ visions and goals.

SSCL has a culture that resembles that of public sector customers. Use technology to drive change and make sure you do your best for your customers and their end users who are constantly looking to innovate.

We do business on a scale and scale, but we are agile and have the in-house capabilities to design innovative digital solutions that enable our clients to serve more efficiently.

The pandemic helped accelerate the client’s use of RPA, AI, and automation. It reduces the need to perform transactional process activities, minimizes risk, and reduces delivery time.

We provide SaaS solutions to help our clients maximize the benefits of technology and build the right services for the future, and we are increasingly supporting our clients’ migration to cloud-based solutions.

In 2020, we launched an intelligent ecosystem. It puts everything you need in your daily work together and makes it accessible anytime, anywhere.

These assets have made us today. It is one of Europe’s largest shared service providers.

CTG: What is the most proud company’s performance in the last 12 months?

that’s why: When the pandemic began, we, like most other organizations, worked mostly office-based at sites throughout the UK. We immediately transferred 2,800 employees to remote work. Technology has been an important factor in our normal and safe business operations.

Our priority was to take care of people’s health and well-being, and to equip them with the tools they needed while taking care of their well-being. From counseling to pantomime to yoga, we introduce a range of services and solutions to help people cope and thrive in their new work environment.

Maintaining service delivery and achieving key performance indicators at this time was a major achievement driven 100% by the passion and dedication of all employees. The work that SSCL does for its clients in the public sector is classified as “important”, so it is an employee’s proof that everything worked fine during and after that and received positive feedback from the clients. ..

In addition to ensuring a customer-first approach and caring for our employees, we continued to develop innovative solutions for our clients. For example, Operation Hampshire Digital App to support police officers who are the finalists for these awards.

There’s a lot we’re proud of last year, but how we, our employees, and our clients responded to the pandemic is what we’re most proud of.

CTG: What are you working on this year?

that’s why: We have an exciting innovation agenda: We enhance the services we offer and provide our customers with solutions to real-world challenges.

We provide solutions that enhance public sector business, including through shared services, so helping our customers’ transformation agenda is a major focus. Recently, he led the migration of some of the largest government departments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It was a complex, mission-critical transformation program and one of the largest cloud technology migration programs of its kind in the UK public sector.

Accelerating the delivery of RPA and AI, the digital worker family has already processed over 100 million transactions annually. We use analytics platforms to drive customer insights.

Finally, we are always looking for ways to solve both today’s and tomorrow’s problems through technology. For example, Operation Hampshire is working with the Metropolitan Police Department to help victims of police assault.

CTG: Why are events like the UK IT Industry Awards so important to the IT industry?

that’s why: These awards allow the industry to showcase the power of innovation and IT and tell how IT is changing the world. Bringing the industry together in this way is an opportunity to celebrate success, learn from each other, inspire excellence, and push the boundaries through the power of technology. BCS, Chartered Institute for IT and Computing, help set standards and benchmarks are set high. This enables continuous innovation and improvement.

Being an award finalist is something we are very proud of at SSCL. We know that we offer great things through our talent and technology, but it’s special to get the UK industry experts to recognize it.

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Interview with Shared Services Connected Ltd, a finalist of the UK IT Industry Awards

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