Interview: InterSystems, Cloud Awards finalist

The cloud was an important technology before the pandemic. It is now essential, especially in the healthcare sector.

InterSystems develops data solutions for healthcare, financial, logistics and other sectors as well. Specifically, this year’s Cloud Excellence Awards finalist said, “Develop and support hospital data management through the world’s most proven electronic medical records, and through a powerful set of medical data for healthcare systems and government. Supports integrated medical records. Integrated solution. “

This is by Jon Payne, Sales Engineering and Education Manager at InterSystems. Together with partner Cognetivity, the company has been selected as a finalist for the best use of new AI in the cloud category, where competition is promised to intensify. Payne wants to win, of course, but he also appreciates the opportunity to exchange the story of the project with his peers.

“It’s important to take a step back and look back at the great work our industry is doing after a very difficult year. Much has been achieved and such awards are held by the IT industry. It offers a great opportunity to showcase your talents and also supports the highlights of other businesses in the industry. “

InterSystems builds its products according to IRIS principles of interoperability, reliability, intuition and scalability. This is an important differentiator for companies in crowded markets.

“These four distinctive features set us apart from our competitors. We all participate as partners and do whatever our clients need to succeed. Our best talent. Is at the forefront of worldwide response. Center 24/7, providing immediate assistance to clients, we focus our time and attention to fully meet our clients’ needs. All of our clients Immediately get help from someone who really cares, without going through the layers of people. Process We make it easy and by doing it we make our customers successful I will help

“We are also privately owned, so we can focus on our clients, without distractions and without worrying about Wall Street.”

Analysts at companies such as Gartner, Forester and KLAS are aware of this year’s IRIS solution, and Payne sees it as a major achievement. The biggest reward, he claims, is the key theme of the year, “Customer Success.”

“This year’s main focus was all on customer achievement. Many existing and new customers are rapidly deploying exciting new solutions enabled by our technology. They are at their pace and scale. It has been a feature of last year and reflects the rapidly evolving nature of our customers’ challenges given the current environment. We are proud to be part of our customers’ success in this regard. I think. “

Cloud Excellence Awards will take place this Thursday, 23rdrd September at the Montcalm Marble Arch in London. Click here to book your location.

Interview: InterSystems, Cloud Awards finalist

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