Interactive game company WinZO announces $ 20 million worth of third game developer fund

With the advent of more powerful GPUs and CPUs, and a new generation of consoles, 2020 was a huge year for games, and huge demand led to a huge shortage of the semiconductor market. All of this has created a large game-driven conglomerate. One of them is WinZO. The company is working to revolutionize the game scene and has announced a third iteration of the Game Developers Fund. This is the largest $ 20 million corpus ever.

With this, the company aims to invest in all forms of interactive entertainment, including games, the economy surrounding games, content creation, live operations, and security. We also aim to collaborate with companies active in these fields through capital investment, infrastructure support, and monetization support.

WinZo is one of the largest gaming platforms in India and has an interesting business model. The company has partnered with third-party developers to host games on Android and iOS apps, allowing users to enjoy a personalized multiplayer gameplay experience. In this way, it facilitates microtransactions in these games, and there are already over 80 apps in our portfolio. Claims to bring 100x more revenue to partner developers through its own microtransaction-based monetization model compared to in-app purchases (which are still managed by Apple, Google, etc.) and advertising alternatives I am.

It also works in 12 different languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and Bhojpuri, and has over 50 million registered users. This will allow WinZO to enter the non-English speaking market in India, which may be interested in games, opening up a whole new field on its platform.

It aims to provide a culturally relevant and enjoyable experience in the Indian gaming ecosystem, monetized through a unique microtransaction model.

The company’s first fund was announced in July 2019 with a $ 1.5 million corpus, followed by a second fund worth $ 5 million last November. This third fund will be offered just months after WinZO is completed. Series C roundRaised $ 65 million.

“Unlike other industries such as e-commerce, SaaS, and D2C, most games are seen as a hit or miss opportunity among investors because there is no prescribed playbook for creating successful games. As a result, many gaming ideas / teams do not receive the support they need in the form of capital, guidance, or strategic support from the ecosystem. We at WinZO are trying to change this. More and more, after many years, we believe India is at the forefront of opportunities to lead the world. Over the next decade, it will not only be a potential market, but multiple unicorns on a global scale. And will spawn several emerging gaming companies. India has overtaken the United States and China in terms of the number of games downloaded geographically on an annual basis. As one of the leading players in this area, We are responsible for facilitating the launch of this dream gaming ecosystem. GDF-III is another step towards achieving this. ”WinZO Games co-founder Paavan Nanda said: It states in.

Interactive game company WinZO announces $ 20 million worth of third game developer fund

Source link Interactive game company WinZO announces $ 20 million worth of third game developer fund

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