Intel will get the start of the Israeli Granulate world

Chip giant Intel announced on Friday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Granulate, a Tel Aviv -owned company that will be responsible for developing the sustainability software.

The past week has been a story from Israel on a daily basis Haaretz raises speculation about the acquisition, saying Intel will provide over $ 650 million in terms of trade -offs.

Intel expects the market to close in the second quarter of 2022, subject to standard replacement trends.

About 120 Israeli business employees will be in Intel’s Datacenter and AI business units at that time.

Granulate uses a variety of in -house and environmentally friendly solutions where it says its autonomous optimization solution can help global customers and data centers improve performance. work with minimal effort and worldly costs.

This is accomplished by understanding the customer’s request and implementing a well -planned set of continuous maintenance ideas that work later on without requiring changes to the code below.

This allows for improved research performance while lowering the costs of the cloud and data center through the use of software in small statistical groups and features.

“Granulate’s autonomous training program can be used in manufacturing operations without requiring the customer to change its code, driving software and software resources for each world. and data center vendor, ”said Sandra Rivera, vice president and general manager. of the Datacenter and AI Group at Intel.

According to Intel, this software is important for solving complex processing problems in the development of contemporary data centers that are difficult to navigate with traditional operating systems and running times.

Asaf Ezra, Managing Director of Granulate, said that as a subsidiary of Intel, Granulate can provide autonomous optimization capabilities to customers around the world, as well as rapidly grow its portfolio with the support of Intel’s 19,000 software engineers.

Asaf Ezra and Tal Saiag founded Granulate in 2018 and earned $ 30 million in a Series B fundraiser led by Red Dot Capital Partners in February 2021.

The market included participation from all of the company’s investors, including Hetz Ventures, Insight Partners, TLV Partners, Dawn Capital and Fort Ross Ventures.

The company had a total revenue of $ 45 million.

In 2019, Granulate will be part of Intel’s Ignite launch platform, a startup platform that will draw on Intel’s capabilities to help grow the first startup.

Last year, Intel and Granulate teamed up to increase performance on Xeon under a single business partnership. For customers using Intel CPUs, this combination has resulted in better performance and lower costs.

Microsoft, Google, IBM, Datadog and other companies are among Granulate’s partners.

The Granulate deal is part of Intel’s big shot to expand its footing in Europe, especially in Israel.

The company announced a massive € 33 billion investment in R&D and manufacturing in Europe earlier this month.

Last month, the chip firm said it would acquire Israeli semiconductor firm Tower Semiconductor for $ 5.4 billion, stepping up a plan to re -manufacture the chips for other companies.

Intel said the gain would give it access to the special operation and help it catch up with Samsung and TSMC, amid rising demand for chips around the world.

Intel will get the start of the Israeli Granulate world

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