Inside the Making of Netflix’s Revealing Kanye West Documentary “Jeen-Yuhs”

The Donda West scenes are bound to be the most heartbreaking. Her loss in 2007 is the crater around which Yes’s actions are still circling. “Losing Mama West, too, was a catalyst for our breakup,” says Coodie, “because she [always made sure] to say, ‘Coodie, come over here.’” Donda first appears midway through the first part when Ye visits her in Chicago during a particularly tense moment — he’s been exposed to his first-ever rap beef, though everyone is still however, resist the idea of ​​him as a rapper. Their connection – Ye’s reliance on her as an emotional rock, their role as his biggest supporter, champion and fan – is tangible and sweet. It’s the way his spirits instantly lift when he sees her rapping bars of his own unreleased songs back to him, how her advice keeps him centered and calm. It’s also clear how the fleeting cocktail of humility and confidence she instilled in him could tip the wrong way in her absence.

Coodie and Ye around 2006.Courtesy of Netflix

“It’s like you don’t swear when you’re in the house with your mom,” says Coodie. “You are [being] respectful [in front of] your parents, then you go out with your boys You damn shit etc. But, man, you have to understand being someone who loses their parents at the very moment that both of you are striving for it. Donda said, “Okay, Kanye, do you want to do that? I have you. I’ll help you make it happen.’ He gets there, and then he loses his mother in front of the public. I really can’t tell you how he’s changed from what happened. The pressure…now you’re a quarterback on the field with no blockers, just people trying to tackle you.

In the second part of jeen-yuhs, says Coodie that he wanted to get the documentary out in 2006, but by then Ye’s fame had grown to the point where he didn’t want the public to see “the real me” — West explained that he now “has a role to play.” A celebrity is a very different person from what you see on TV,” says Coodie. Yes’ attitude changed in 2014 when “he had me and Chike come to Calabasas and we talked about how we were going to put this document together,” reveals Coodie. “He asked us to help him with his messages and the document was perfect for that because it just showed the real Kanye, you know what I mean? But the Powers That Be got involved and it just didn’t happen. And that was just before the collapse had Kanye[alsernacheinem”psychiatricemergency”aufderSaintPabloTourkurzinsKrankenhauseingeliefertwurdeIchhatteeinfachdasGefühlwirhättenunswehrensollenWirhättensiemehrbekämpfenunddiesgeschehenlassensollenEsschienalswürdeerunsindiesemMomentumHilferufen”[whenhewasbrieflyhospitalizedaftera”psychiatricemergency”ontheSaintPabloTourIjustfeltlikeweshouldhavefoughtbackWeshouldhavefoughtthemmoreandmadethishappenItseemedlikehewascallingusforhelpatthatmoment”[alsernacheinem„psychiatrischenNotfall“aufderSaintPabloTourkurzinsKrankenhauseingeliefertwurdeIchhatteeinfachdasGefühlwirhättenunswehrensollenWirhättensiemehrbekämpfenunddiesgeschehenlassensollenEsschienalswürdeerunsindiesemMomentumHilferufen“[whenhewasbrieflyhospitalizedaftera“psychiatricemergency”ontheSaintPabloTourIjustfeltlikeweshouldhavefoughtbackWeshouldhavefoughtthemmoreandmadethishappenItseemedlikehewascallingusforhelpatthatmoment”

Inside the Making of Netflix’s Revealing Kanye West Documentary “Jeen-Yuhs”

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