Inside the creation of Oscar Isaac’s virus scene from marriage fits

Recently, it was impossible to spend time on social media without encountering a photo of actor Oscar Isaac in his recent HBO miniseries costume. Marriage scene.. Instagram, Twitter-There is no secure platform from his wire-fringed glasses and salt and pepper curls. Hell, E! The news even crowned him their #ManCrushMonday.By the way, Oscar is a cutie, but the chatting here is mainly concentrated. What he is wearing.. Why is everyone so sweaty with a pair of sloppy brown corduroy, a tweed jacket and a standard New Balance?

One answer: Looks are the brainchild of costume designer and stylist Miyako Berizzi, best known for the Safdie brothers’ 2019 hits. Uncut Gems..She posted many looks of Isaac, whose personality is half of the couple in the heart of Jonathan. Marriage scene, On Friday. But if Howie Ratner’s box-shaped leather blazer and yellow polo shirt to stop traffic were slam dunk Halloween outfits, Isaac’s character Jonathan’s soothing sweater and cord would be a chalice model to enhance everyday wear. is.

For Bellizzi, costumes are always an opportunity to provide some sort of behind-the-scenes story about diving deep into the world in which the character lives (and is dressed). Marriage scene Jonathan’s wardrobe set in Boston jewelry, Has roots in New York. “That is, he’s a Brooklyn boy. Specifically, he’s an Orthodox Crown Heights,” Belizzi told me on the phone, the world with his wife Mira, a successful executive played by Jessica Chastain. He added that he left. So what does the professor of philosophy transplant from Brooklyn wear when his cheerful wife probably buys some of his clothes, so he’s not working? .. And that’s how you get to some of the Earthstone New Balance 993 and the Dries Van Noten cardigans out there.

In episode 1 of LA-based label Fear of God and Italian luxury home Zegna, she wants to start Jonathan with a major look, pulling a slight bat wing gray pullover out of an enthusiastic capsule collaboration. I thought. It became her favorite throughout the series. “It’s so round, and the reason I liked it was because it made him proportionally round,” she says. “Oscar, you know, he’s a very handsome guy. It’s hard to show him … not Dumpy… But it’s hard to make him look bad because he looks good in everything. I was trying to change his silhouette, at least initially, [because] I wanted to end [the series] He is the most crazy. A color palette filled with earth brown and mustard yellow is a homage to Bergman’s original era. Marriage scene, Premiered in 1973.

Inside the creation of Oscar Isaac’s virus scene from marriage fits

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