Inside Texas Politics: How The Latest COVID-19 Relief Package Helps Texas Cities

Congressman Lizzie Fletcher joins Inside Texas Politics to explain the financial support the latest bill will bring to Texas and Texas cities.

The Democratic Party took only 50 days to pass the latest COVID-19 bailout bill. This is a major policy outcome for the Democratic Party and is large.

The bill isn’t as big as the $ 2 trillion passed last year with bipartisan support. However, this still means financial support for Texas and Texas cities.

Congressman Lizzie Fletcher represents parts of western and northwestern Houston, where she Inside Texas Politics About the bailout bill.

Fletcher said part of their push to pass the bill was to ensure that the unemployment allowance was extended before the previous bill expired.

Fletcher said the Houston and Harris County governments are expected to receive $ 1.5 billion.

“Part of the intent of this bill is all the businesses that are essential to the continuation of our business,” she said.

This includes hygiene services, permitting departments, pandemic operations, and more.

What triggered the surge on the Texas-Mexico border?

There is a new surge of immigrants coming across the Texas-Mexico border. And the situation is projected to only get worse in the coming months.

On Monday, a group from Congress is traveling there to see it in person.

Congressman Henry Cuellar is a Democrat, and the district extends from San Antonio and Laredo to McAllen.

Quera tried to reach out to the White House, but said the administration was not in contact with the members of the House of Representatives representing the region.

According to Cuellar, there were 100,000 encounters in February, not including those considered “escapes.”

According to Quera, March-June tends to be the peak of migrant traffic.

The pandemic complicates the situation, although Mr. Quela said the surge was not new and happened in both previous administrations.

Three Bills Underway in Texas Parliament

Texas Republicans are in the process of legislation for their base.

The bill, filed on Friday, will clean up the voter roster and strengthen the rules regarding postal voting. Senator Bryan Hughes, a Republican from Mineola in eastern Texas, is behind the proposal.

He also introduced Senate Bill 12, which allows the Texans to sue social media companies.

Federal law allows states to regulate websites as long as they are consistent with federal law.

Most states aren’t trying to do that, but Hughes says the bill could be a model for the country.

“If the bill is passed, all Texas will have the right to appear in court and hold Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accountable,” Hughes said.

If the bill is passed and social media companies are brought to court, Hughes said he believes the companies will respond and stop interfering with freedom of speech.

Inside Texas Politics: How The Latest COVID-19 Relief Package Helps Texas Cities

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