Injured Dallas firefighter talks about apartment explosion

Dallas firefighter Ronald Hall was seriously injured in the September 29 Highland Hills apartment explosion. He shares his story and the latest information on his recovery.

Dallas — Three Dallas firefighters were seriously injured in an apartment explosion in southeastern Dallas on September 29.

On Friday, officer Pauline Perez was discharged from Parkland Memorial Hospital. However, the other two, Captain Christopher Gadomski and driver engineer Ronald Hall, remain hospitalized.

Hall shared the story and memories of the day with WFAA from the burned ICU bed.

He has been a firefighter for 40 years and has been in the Dallas Fire Rescue Team for 36 years. All those years taught him, his work has no routine. September 29th was as unexpected as any other shift.

That Wednesday morning, he said Truck 25 at Station 25 had responded to the call for a gas leak.

“We enjoyed it. I think someone else tried to jump the run, but we went ahead and kept running,” Hall said.

His crew, carrying four firefighters, arrived at Highland Hills Apartments and began looking for the cause of the leak.

“We went there and saw it leaking,” he said. “I felt an explosion and saw Pauline flying backwards. I saw the cap beside me and he was flying behind me.”

He described it as a tornado he couldn’t see. At the end of the explosion, he was surrounded and covered with rubble.

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“Everywhere I looked, I was burned and my skin was peeling off,” Hall said.

He said Captain Gadomsky called Mayday and a rescue team was dispatched to help.

Hall said he had pushed the debris out of his burnt body. With a broken leg and unrecognizable burns, he walked down the street for help.

“It was terrible to ask for help. People are just looking at you and will not come to help,” he said.

While Hall was in an ambulance, his wife, Mona, received a call she had avoided for the past 30 years.

“The rescuer told me,’Mrs. Hall, there was an explosion,'” she said.

She will drive from New Mexico to Dallas for eight hours and will retire there. DE Hall had already completed the paperwork to retire in January, but now it is possible that he will retire earlier than expected due to an injury.

“I’ll probably show up at the station to run the fire engine again and retire,” he said.

The recovery of all three firefighters is not over yet. For Hall, he realizes that he may never return to his original health. He has been in the hospital for three weeks and there are ups and downs in his recovery.

Last Monday, three firefighters in hospital gowns met each other for the first time since the explosion and were able to go downstairs to get some fresh air.

After that visit, the hall worsened and infected his injured leg. On Friday he was involved in another operation.

At the same time as the surgery, Officer Perez was rolled downstairs and Truck 25 was waiting for her. She has been discharged and continues to recover at home.

Each firefighter is healing at his own pace and knows that one day is better than the other.

The GoFundMe link was created to help three firefighters and their families.

Injured Dallas firefighter talks about apartment explosion

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