In a fire, British Prime Minister Johnson tries to return to the election agenda

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will prepare a keynote in his hotel room the next day before addressing at the Conservative Conference in Manchester, England. Stephen Rousseau / REUTERS via pool

October 5, 2021

Elizabeth Piper and Kylie McClellan

Manchester (Reuters) -British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refocused on Wednesday to tackle regional inequality, with a final speech at a Conservative meeting on the line under a series of crises hitting his government I’m hoping to pull.

A week after Johnson was forced to protect the government from fuel shortages, fears of Christmas food supplies, and concerns about having to destroy produce, the prime minister wants to reset his agenda. increase.

So far, at a conference traditionally used by leaders to faithfully dismiss the party, he failed to shift focus from the crisis caused by COVID-19 and Brexit in 2019. We promised to tackle inequality, crime and social care for the election.

He doubles Britain’s desire to change direction from “the same old broken model of low wages, low growth, low skills, low productivity” to “high wages, high skills, high productivity economy” ..

“We are tackling the biggest fundamental economic and social issues. Issues that the government has never had the courage to tackle,” he told a conference in Manchester’s northern British city.

“To make that change happen, we’re working on our job of uniting and leveling up across the UK. This is the biggest project any government can undertake,” he said in a speech excerpt. Is called.

Johnson responded to critics calling for further steps to attract foreign workers to bridge the gap between the transportation and agriculture industries, and the solution was “the same old lever of uncontrolled migration.” I say again that it’s not about pulling.

Instead, he calls on companies to raise wages and do more to attract more workers – criticisms of the British company, which will serve as minister after the minister at the meeting, have been repeated.

But he has to work hard to win some at the meeting. They fear that conservatives will no longer be conservatives after breaking their commitment to tax cuts, north, as they see.

Johnson is raising taxes to tackle the health and social care crisis and spending heavily on everything from trains to schools to boulevards as part of the “upgrade” agenda to address community inequality. I promise.

“Leveling up works nationwide. This is a correct and responsible policy,” he says.

“It helps relieve pressure in the overheated areas of the southeast, while at the same time providing hope and opportunity to areas that feel left behind.”

(Report by Elizabeth Piper and Kylie McClellan, edited by Giles Elgood)

In a fire, British Prime Minister Johnson tries to return to the election agenda

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