Image of the Dallas Stars playoffs: Where are they in the NHL rankings?

Here’s a look at where the Dallas Stars fit into the 2022 NHL playoff race.

DALLAS – Just two seasons after a trip to the Stanley Cup finals, the Dallas Stars are looking to the playoffs again.

After finishing runners-up to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020, the Stars lost the playoffs in 2021.

The WFAA will then track the image of the All-Star playoffs. The top three teams in each division win places in the playoffs. The next two teams in terms of total points in the conference, regardless of division, win wildcard seats. This provides a total of eight teams from each conference.

As the 2022 season wanes, the stars are looking for a wildcard spot. Here’s a look at where the stars are in the rankings (starting April 7):

Western Conference


  1. x – Colorado: 106 points
  2. Minnesota: 91 points
  3. St. Louis: 90 pts


  1. Calgary: 95 points
  2. Edmonton: 89 points
  3. Los Angeles: 86 pts

Wildcard race

  1. Nashville: 86 points
  2. Dallas: 84 pts
  3. Las Vegas: 82 points
  4. Vancouver: 78 points
  5. Winnipeg: 76 pts
  6. Anaheim: 68 points
  7. San José: 67 points
  8. Chicago: 59 points
  9. Seattle: 52 points
  10. Arizona: 49 points

Here are the tiebreaker rules:

In the event that the teams are tied in the standings, the following tie-breakers are applied to determine which team receives the highest seed:

  1. The lower the number of games played (the higher the percentage of points).
  2. The highest number of games won in the rules (not including the games won in overtime or a penalty shootout).
  3. Most games won in regulation and overtime (excluding games won by shooting).
  4. The most games won anyway.
  5. The highest number of points earned in matches between tied clubs. If two clubs are tied and have not played the same number of home games against each other, points earned in the first game played in the city that had the extra game will not be included. If there are more than two tied clubs, the highest percentage of available points earned in games between those clubs will be used to determine the ranking, not including any “odd” game.
  6. Goal differential.
  7. Goals scored.

Image of the Dallas Stars playoffs: Where are they in the NHL rankings?

Source link Image of the Dallas Stars playoffs: Where are they in the NHL rankings?

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