“I’m used to being suspected”

Robin Hood CEO Vladimir Tenev wiped out the first day performance of trading app stocks on Thursday.

The shares of Robin Hood, a company that was subject to both public and parliamentary scrutiny in the meme stock frenzy earlier this year, fell 8% after listing on the Nasdaq.

“Personally, I’m used to being suspected from the beginning,” he told Jim Cramer in an interview with “Mad Money.” “We felt like the weak here in Robin Hood, and as you know, we hope the weak will evolve into a comeback kid.”

The stock price is $ 38, the lower limit of that range, and the value of the company is about $ 32 billion. The session ended with a share price of $ 34.82 and a market capitalization of $ 29 billion.

Tenev, who co-founded Robin Hood, took the chin’s decline, claiming that daily turns could raise and lower stocks. He said the company is focusing on adding products to its products that will drive growth on the runway for “decades.”

“We are building a long-term business, so we need to ignore these short-term fluctuations,” he said. “We feel that we are in a very good position with this company to continue to provide value to our customers.”

“I’m used to being suspected”

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