I’m leaving New York City for Florida.I didn’t expect

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I always hated writing the genre “Goodbye New York”. I think it’s ridiculous. “More room for us.”

I grew up in Brooklyn, my husband, Queens. Our three children were born in Manhattan. I was a Supremacist in New York. Your city is ok, really, it’s just that it’s not New York. It’s not near either. I have been to your city. Yes, I have been to that deli or that restaurant. That one street, it’s great. But it is not comparable to the largest city in the history of the world. it’s not.

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So it is some sadness and a lot of anger that I feel that our family now needs to leave the city we have loved for a long time. We go to Florida. Florida is a state that has come to be regarded as a beacon of freedom in this country.

I didn’t suddenly realize that Florida was sunny or there was no state income tax. Not because, as Onion joked many years ago, we woke up one day as New Yorkers and realized that it was a scary place to live. Not because of New York’s increasingly leftist politics, but obviously it didn’t help.

That’s because they robbed the school during the pandemic and my fellow New Yorkers didn’t take good care of it. I kept looking around civilizations that didn’t value education. To make matters worse, in the form of private pods, or in private schools, cherish it for their children, but fighting for their underprivileged neighbors to have the same thing is not. And when the school finally reopened, there was no discussion of the broken system that kept the school closed. Exactly the same people locked their children in masks indefinitely, even outdoors.

But the worst part was that the New Yorker quietly accepted it. At least the school was open, they said. We were a city of hard work! We weren’t a city that embraced the bare minimum, it was …Other cities, And here we were pushing it on the kids.

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The story of me leaving New York doesn’t mean how hard it was to live here. It was always hard and I loved it every second. It’s about the changes that happened in New York society and how deeply they hurt. “They ordered the public school to close, but the private school remained open,” I cried empty. “And that was after the same people marched for fairness throughout the summer.”

I spent nearly 5 months in Florida last year and did a test run. My kids had to go to a real school. Florida leaders, led by Governor Ron DeSantis, understand the importance of children, education and normality. He drew lines in the sand and didn’t let anyone cross them. It was dazzling to see the children placed first after they lived in the last dead state.

It was leadership in action. I interviewed Governor DeSantis almost a year ago and he said, “I’m most proud to bring my kids back to school. I knew the data and knew the risk was low. This I felt I needed to maintain .. I knew 6-8 months ago. I was able to save the upbringing of hundreds of thousands of children. ”

The seriousness he dealt with in the lives of children stuck to me. I remembered the words of the Governor of Florida when my own New York leaders, led by the ultimate boss, President Randi Weingarten of the American Teachers’ Federation, abandoned their children.

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Still, there are effective leaders who cannot move their families to another state. You cannot make a decision for the rest of your life based on a single politician. Governor DeSantis isn’t the only thing that makes Florida so attractive.

I see the Florida people simply losing their sanity from the New Yorkers so far. For example, masking is straightforward. During my stay in Florida last year, none of the Republicans or Democrats I met were masked outdoors.

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In May, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “I’ve said that the risk when you’re outdoors is very low.” But even today, so many New Yorkers continue to wear masks outdoors. It’s no wonder kids have no end date to remove their masks at school.

Geriatrics governor Kathy Hokul is never photographed with a mask at her numerous events in the state, but nothing is more dire than seeing a masked kindergarten child outside during a break.

It feels like a maniac. I always thought that the New Yorker was smart and could be seen from every angle. Why can’t I do it now?

When World War II began, my grandmother, her sister and their mother left their town Gomel and ran east. My grandmother’s two brothers had been drafted before. Her father died in a fight a few years ago. They were not convinced that the times would be very bad. It’s about running away — you usually don’t know what will happen or if you’re doing the right thing. It’s hard to leave your home before things really come to mind.

I have not compared New York in 2021 with Belarus in 1939. But the idea of ​​doing what your family needs is what my family has lived in in many variations.

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You can’t stay in a place that treats children as a retrofit. We cannot stay in a place where we do not fight for our children and the children of our neighbors. We can’t wait for our kids to regain their childhood, we just want the best.

I saw something I couldn’t see. It’s about time.

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I’m leaving New York City for Florida.I didn’t expect

Source link I’m leaving New York City for Florida.I didn’t expect

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