“I’m free enough,” says Austrian leaders after Kurtz tweeted for him.

Austria’s new Prime Minister Alexander Schallenberg is watching over the meeting of the European Council Chairman Charles Michel in Brussels, Belgium, on October 14, 2021.Reuters / Eve Herman

October 14, 2021

Vienna (Reuters) -Austrian Prime Minister Alexander Schallenberg was ridiculed by critics as a mere pawn of his predecessor Sebastian Kurz, after his message was mistakenly sent from Kurz’s Twitter account on Thursday. It was fully released. “

Kurtz resigned on Saturday at the request of his junior coalition partner, Greens, after prosecutors were investigating him and nine others, including several senior aides, on suspicion of corruption.

Mr. Kurtz, who denies cheating, has been the leader of the party and is now the highest legislator. Opposition states that Career diplomat and Kurtz’s ally, Schallenberg, is nothing more than a Kurtz puppet, and Kurtz is “the prime minister of her shadow.”

Kurtz denies that, but Thursday’s Twitter accident fell into the hands of his critics. A message was sent from Kurtz’s account announcing “My First Trip as Prime Minister” featuring a photo of Schallenberg on his way to Brussels. It was quickly removed and reposted from Schallenberg’s.

“Of course, I’m fully free. I became Prime Minister of the Republic of Austria on Monday,” Schallenberg said at a press conference in Brussels.

“It’s probably an error in your social media account, which means you need to understand that the situation over the last five days has been very difficult for all staff,” he added. “It has nothing to do with my office and my understanding of my position.”

In his first statement of work, Schallenberg said he would “work very closely” with Kurtz.

He has also not ruled out Kurtz, who will return as prime minister in this parliament when the investigation is over, but the Greens do.

“Once we get there, we’ll cross the bridge,” he told ORFTV in English on Wednesday.

(Report by Francois Murphy, edited by William Maclean)

“I’m free enough,” says Austrian leaders after Kurtz tweeted for him.

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