If soul pays homage, N Korea will gladly speak

Soul – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s strong sisters took steps to restore relations with South Korea on Saturday, and if South Korea withdrew what it said was hostility and double standards, another between leaders He said he could discuss the summit.

Kim Yo-jong’s comment was that North Korea would be ready to resume talks with the South if certain conditions were met, following a similar statement released by Kim Yo-jong on Friday.

Analysts say North Korea should use South Korea’s desire for North-South involvement to ease U.S.-led sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program or suspend U.S.-South Korea military exercises. He said he was pressing Seoul to persuade the Biden administration.

Kim, a senior official in charge of the inter-Korean summit, criticized North Korea’s recent weapons test as a provocation when North Korea was trying to expand its military power in a recent statement. North Korea often accused the South of hypocrisy of introducing modern weapons while seeking discussions to ease tensions on the fragmented peninsula.


If North Korea wants to respond to calls for improved relations, Kim said, “Unjustified double-trade standards, hostile policies (against North Korea), various prejudices, and hostile comments that destroy trust.” I asked you to give up.

South Korea will formally end the Korean War, revive the Inter-Korean Liaison Office destroyed by North Korea in 2020, and discuss another summit if the Korean Peninsula can build mutual trust. He said he could respond to the call.

“There is no need for (North) and (South) to make mistakes with each other and waste time engaging in a language war,” Kim said, saying that the future of bilateral relations depends on the choice of the South. Added.

“We don’t predict what will happen here, such as a refreshing breeze or a storm,” she said.

The ties between rivals flourished in 2018 when Moon helped establish the first summit with former President Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump. South Korean leaders met three times a year, vowed to resume North-South economic cooperation where possible, and expressed optimism that sanctions would end and allow such projects.


However, North Korea subsequently cut off its ties with South Korea after the collapse of the second summit between Kim and Trump in 2019. Americans have rejected North Korea’s request for massive sanctions relief in exchange for the dismantling of dilapidated nuclear facilities. It would have been only a partial abandonment of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.

Kim Yo-jong’s remarks were in response to the month’s speech at this week’s UN General Assembly, between leaders of the Korean Peninsula, the United States, and China to end the 1950-53 Korean War, which ended with an armistice agreement. Asked for a declaration. , Not a peace treaty.

Kim and North Korea’s Deputy Foreign Minister Riteson issued another statement on Friday rejecting the Moon’s proposal, and North Korea is not interested in such a declaration while the United States maintains a “hostile” policy. Said. However, Kim made a gentler note, saying he would be happy to hold North Korea’s “constructive” talks if the South stopped provoking them.

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If soul pays homage, N Korea will gladly speak

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