IDF says Israel will launch airstrikes on Hamas after a balloon attack

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IDF says Israel will launch airstrikes on Hamas after a balloon attack
Israeli After the balloon attack sent incendiary bombs floating in southern Israel, the Defense Forces launched a counterattack against Gaza.

According to IDF, Counter-Strike in the United States on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning local time targeted Hamas military installations.

According to the IDF, the target was used for “terrorist activity” by Hamas Khan Unis and the Gaza Brigade.

“The Hamas terrorist organization will be responsible for all incidents that occur in the Gaza Strip and will bear the consequences of its actions,” the military said in a statement. “IDF is prepared for any scenario, including the resumption of hostilities, in the face of ongoing terrorist activity from the Gaza Strip.”

Both authorities said no one was injured. Times of Israel report.

The violence occurred just three weeks after the ceasefire stopped 11 days of combat, marking the worst clash between IDF and Hamas militants since the 2014 small war. Click here for more information on top stories..

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Biden urged U.S. spies and diplomats to confront Russian leaders in a microwave attack
So President Biden Heading to a summit meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, Bipartisan group Senate Lawmakers are calling on the president to raise the issue Directed energy microwave U.S. diplomats and incidents targeting the highest national security CIA Official.

“Sure, the Russians are one of the main suspects. I’m not sure, but remember that there are more than 100 US civil servants injured in these directed-energy attacks,” Susan said. Senator Collins said. Interview with R-Maine and CBS’s “Face The Nation”. “We need to not only address their medical needs, but also know who they are.”

“I hope the president raises this issue directly with Putin,” she added.

Parliamentarians led by Collins and other members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have joined more than 130 U.S. diplomats and CIA agents affected by obvious microwave weapons leading to what is now known as “Havana Syndrome.” Promoted a bill to provide compensation.

The attack was first noticed in Cuba five years ago, but has been recorded since then in Moscow, Shanghai, and even Washington. Senator Mark Warner and Marco Rubio, heads of the Democratic and Republican Senate Intelligence Committee, are “ongoing.”

The Senate bill, now submitted to the House of Representatives, amends the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, approving the Department of State as “providing payments to Central Intelligence Agency employees with brain-eligible injuries.” Personnel with similar injuries. Click here for more information..

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-China has strengthened its relations with Russia as a “important force for stability” after the NATO summit.

Robert Redfield: Some biolab researchers describe “arrogance” as “nothing goes wrong”
In an exclusive interview with Dr. Fox News. Mark Siegel, Former CDC Director Robert R. Redfield Jr. Warned the scientist Expressing “arrogance” in their work can lead to their hasty and dangerous pitfalls.

During the greater debate about the dangers of feature acquisition research and the potential for lab leak scenarios proposed by many of the following Americans: Coronavirus Pandemic, Redfield warned against excessive confidence in the scientific community.

According to Redfield, some scientists and researchers tend to be “arrogant” about the infallibility of their work and believe that nothing works or doesn’t work.

“In fact, unfortunately, that’s no longer true, maybe something went wrong, or it wasn’t intentional,” Redfield said.

Regarding the theory of lab leaks, Redfield added that one or more workers could have been infected with the virus and were simply asymptomatic, which could lead to further infections that were not. I did.

“It’s not impossible for the virus to escape asymptomatically, and finally, as cases occur in the elderly, we began to recognize the epidemic,” Redfield said. Click here for more information..

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Some farewell words

Fox News Host Sean Hanity Prior to the long-awaited summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, he blamed President Biden’s foreign policy. “Hannity”

“The administration is deadly scared. Joe will embarrass himself and the country even deeper, and Vladimir will take advantage of Joe’s apparent weakness in cognition and constant turmoil,” he said.

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IDF says Israel will launch airstrikes on Hamas after a balloon attack

Source link IDF says Israel will launch airstrikes on Hamas after a balloon attack

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