IBM and Amadeus are integrating travel health platforms in travel rebound

July 22, 2021

Clara-Laeila Laudette

Madrid (Reuters) – Spain’s Amadeus will integrate IBM’s digital health path into the Traveler ID platform to simplify the verification of passenger health certifications during the boarding process, the companies said in a joint statement Thursday. ..

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the aviation, tourism and technology sectors have been collaborating and a number of new digital applications and products have emerged in response to global patchwork of travel restrictions and requirements. ..

IBM’s system, which uses encryption and blockchain technology to authenticate diagnostic tests such as antigens and PCR, requires passengers to manually verify the details of each traveler’s test at the boarding gate. Instead, assign a QR code that indicates whether the passenger is suitable for flight.

“This approach helps airlines be confident that the added health qualifications are valid and removes expectations from gate agents to validate health documents,” said IBM’s travel and transportation department manager. Gregrand told Reuters.

“When scanning, you will only see a QR code that reflects your personal status (such as“ Ready to fly ”), which also protects your privacy. “

By integrating IBM’s Digital HealthPass into the Traveler ID system, Amadeus hopes to reassure passengers about the security of medical data that booking groups say they do not store or track. This is a concern shared by many travelers. []

Amadeus is a White Label product for airlines considering including the use of health credentials in their websites or apps to allow passers-by to upload health documents directly into the booking system, the Traveler ID platform earlier this year. Was launched.

According to Amadeus, Traveler ID currently has 10 airlines as live clients, 6 of which include Air Canada, Norway and Air Europa in Spain.

IBM’s newly integrated service will be available as an add-on for all 10 Amadeus Traveler ID subscribers, a spokeswoman told Reuters.

(Report by Clara-Laeila Laudette, edited by Stephen Coates)

IBM and Amadeus are integrating travel health platforms in travel rebound

Source link IBM and Amadeus are integrating travel health platforms in travel rebound

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