I spent 20 years undergoing extreme surgery and have 54 inch breasts – old snaps won’t recognize me

The woman, who underwent 20 years of extreme surgery to have 54-inch breasts, wowed viewers when she revealed snaps from her past.

Allegra Cole, 53, is barely recognizable in her earlier photos.


A look back at Allegra 21 years agoCredit: instagram/allegracoleenterprises
Woman now has 54 inch boobs


Woman now has 54 inch boobsCredit: instagram/allegracoleenterprises


Allegra posted a selfie on InstagramCredit: instagram/allegracoleenterprises

with the help of plastic surgery we The woman reportedly Brazilian butt liftabdominal tucks, and 4,600 CC implants in each breast.

However, a photo from 2002 showed her looking completely different.

The image shows a woman lying down in a bikini, showing off her voluptuous body and bronze-toned skin.

Twenty-one years later, at 53, she looked even more attractive.

Today, the California native has enhanced breasts and booty.

She also boasts fluttery false eyelashes and a fuller pout using lip fillers.

to her Instagram account, influencer I posted a before and after photo with the caption “2002 vs 2022”.

Along with the photo, she said, “I am constantly evolving, growing and changing.

“This is what life is all about and I can’t wait to see where I grow next.”

The post has over 23,000 likes and many comments.

“I think you were beautiful to begin with,” said an Instagram user.

“You were hot back then, too,” said another.

While many loved Allegra’s natural look, they also praised her dramatic transformation.

“You were once beautiful, but now you’re magical,” said one.

“You looked great in 2002, and you still look great now,” said the second.

“That transformation is insane. I love it,” said a third

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California native boosted her breasts and bootyCredit: instagram/allegracoleenterprises


Allegra showing off her huge boobsCredit: instagram/allegracoleenterprises

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